Image Scope

Image Scope

Before finding solution to any problem, it is important to identify the problem. Image Scope includes a need analysis by an expert Image Consultant to understand your current status in terms of Image Management and then identifying the areas to work upon.

In this session, you will understand –

What is Image Management
Importance of First Impressions
The Power of Personal Appearance
The 4 A’s, Frame work of Image Management
Significance of Communication skills and Soft skills

This is followed by –

Image Quotient Assessment – An assessment of self-Image in various situations, through a questionnaire. Based on this Assessment your Image Quotient is evaluated. Image quotient is a parameter which gives an indication of the level of Image enhancement services needed by you based on your self-assessment. You are then also given 3 Image Quotient Assessment sheets to be filled by your inner circle to understand other’s perception of you.

Appearance Management Comfort Assessment – An assessment of the level of confidence in facing various situations in professional, social and personal life through a questionnaire. The consultant will evaluate the self-assessment made by you. Based on these evaluations and in mutual discussion, the Image enhancement services required by you are identified and recommended.

Benefits / Take away from the session:

  • Knowledge of your Image Quotient, which is a level of your current Image
  • Knowledge of the perception of your Image in the minds of others, close to you
  • Knowledge of level of confidence regarding your appearance in various situations
  • Brings your focus on current gap in Image level in professional, social and personal situations which demand an upgrade in your Image to achieve your goals

Duration: 1 Hour