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Become a Certified Soft Skills Trainer

An Opportunity for People Having a Passion for Training

Soft Skills are the need of the hour in India and are recognized as most essential skills for greater success in personal, professional and social lives. Image Consulting Business Institute is a leading brand in the world in Image Management and Soft Skills Training space. It offers courses in Soft Skills Training with International Certification and Business Enablement Support to start, market and grow your independent Soft Skills Training practice.

Over 500 organisations and 3,00,000+ lives impacted by our alumni

Awarded Asia’s Greatest Brand

4.69/5 review rating on

Alumni base of over 3000 qualified Image Consultants and Soft Skills Trainers

Who is This For?

Working professionals desiring to get a qualification in Soft Skills Training to start an independent practice or to enhance their prospects in current job or to look for better job opportunities in education, training, learning & development or similar sectors

Existing soft skills trainers desiring to strengthen their offering with structured learning on a world class curriculum, international certification, ready made training material and handholding support

Students desiring to acquire a qualification in Soft Skills Training for personal growth as well as to venture into the field of training by offering their services to schools, colleges and similar institutions to training students on the most essential skills

Practicing professionals and existing business owners in HR, Recruitment, Education & Training and similar businesses/professions desiring to add a qualification in Soft Skills Training for additional revenue stream

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Importance of Soft Skills

Soft Skills are now considered as most essential skills for greater success in each walk of life and everyone is realizing the need. Research from all over the world has highlighted the importance of Soft Skills. This has created and huge market opportunity for certified Soft Skills Trainers

Research conducted by the Carnegie Foundation and Stanford research Center, has concluded that
Of the job success comes from having well-developed soft skills and people skills, and only
of job success comes from technical skills and knowledge (hard skills).

A study conducted by Harvard University noted that 80% of achievements in career are determined by soft skills and only 20% by hard skills.

Business Program in Soft Skills Training

A qualification and certification to enable you to become self-employed as a certified Soft Skills Trainer and offer complete spectrum of Soft Skills Training services to help perform better for greater success in all walks of life.

Get Trained

Get trained in 15 most essential Soft Skills and a Train the Trainer program on a world-class curriculum.

Get Certified

Receive certifications accredited by Scottish Qualifications Authority for Soft Skills Training and accredited by NABET for Train the Trainer

Start and Grow Your Business

Start, market and grow your business with Business Enablement Support from ICBI.

“When I decided to switch careers and go into training as a profession, I joined the course offered by ICBI. In fact, I recovered almost my entire course fees from my very first assignment itself.”

Diana Swing

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What Will You Offer as a Certified Soft Skills Trainer

Employability & Job Skills Training

Soft Skills/ Behavioural Skills Training

Etiquette Coaching

Personality Development Training

Vocal & Verbal Communication Training

Confidence Coaching

Team Management & Motivation Training

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training

Many people from all walks of life made a business out of their passion and became certified Soft Skills Trainers and/or Image Consultants. They are now offering training and consulting services in the domain of Soft Skills and Image Management.

More Than INR 4,00,000 Worth of Readymade Training Material

Market activation handouts on various Soft Skills for conducting market activations

Training presentations along with trainer notes, participant notes and activities for over 100 modules of Image Management and Soft Skills

Client Proposals, Training Need Analysis and Feedback formats and samples

Over 150 Energizers, Refreshers, Topic Lead Exercises and Anecdotal Stories for a more effective training workshop

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Program Fees

They earned back more than 5 to 10 times the course fee from ICBI work itself

Amount earned from ICBI

Anshu Gupta

Amount earned from ICBI

Renu Mehra

Amount earned from ICBI

Shankar Viswanath

Amount earned from ICBI

Benaisha Kharas

Here is How You Can Get Started

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Once we have your details our Expert Program Advisor will call you to invite you for a group or one on one presentation to provide complete details about ICBI, the industry, future outlook, your suitability and revenue earning potential specific to you. In case you miss their call, you can call on 8080245245 during office hours to get connected to the nearest ICBI center.

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