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Image Consulting Business Institute

Image Consulting Business Institute is a World Leader in Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training. For the last 14 years, we have been offering courses in Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training with a world-class curriculum and certification accreditation with some of the most credible national and international institutions. Our students are experts in consulting, training and mentoring people in the areas of appearance, behaviour and communication to achieve greater success in all walks of life. Majority of the 5000+ students who have done a course with us also come with strong industry experience in various domains and functions.

If you are looking to recruit talent for the following positions, schedule a call with our team who will understand your requirements, shortlist people from our vast talent pool and facilitate interaction with your team. Our comprehensive candidate and position profiling help us find you the best fit. So no spending hours in training and building capabilities. Give us a call and we can get you the best talent who can hit the ground running.

Our Students Can be Recruited for the Following Positions/Roles

Training Manager/Head

Soft Skills & Behavioral Skills Trainer

Personality Development Trainer

Age is No Bar

Employability & Job Skills Trainer

Communication Trainer

Grooming and Etiquette Trainer

Media/Film/TV Stylist

Beauty Pageant & Event Stylist

Bridal and Wedding Stylist

In-store Fashion Stylist

Jewellery Stylist

Schedule a call with our team or fill the form below & our team will get in touch with you for further steps.

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