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Image consulting and soft skills training as a career has a lot to offer – a sense of fulfilment, flexibility to work on your terms, the freedom to be your own boss and an average annual earning potential of up to 18 lakhs!

Just 1 qualification from the most reputed Image Management and Soft Skills Training institute and you get direct access to a booming industry with a market size of thousands of crores. With 21 exciting and rewarding career opportunities, there are no constraints on your creativity and earnings – it all depends on your passion, your perseverance and performance!


Surat – The Textile City of India and the Diamond Hub of the World! Its prominence as a booming business center has made the city a magnet for diamond dealers, fashion mongers, and art lovers.

The textile industry needs professionals who can guide buyers based on changing fashion trends and occasions. So, image consultants have the opportunity of getting hired by retailers and boutique owners. Surat is also famous as a wedding shopping destination and image consultants make for an ideal fashion advisor and personal shopper for affluent brides and grooms.

The scope of work and your earning potential are nearly limitless – shopping for the perfect wedding trousseau, styling brides to look their best, grooming hospitality and aviation professionals for career success and helping entrepreneurs with business etiquettes.

These are just a few of the many possibilities for an Image consultant in Surat. ICBI is your ticket to 21 attractive and profitable careers that empower you to changes people’s lives for the better while becoming the best version of yourself!

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Image Consulting Business Institute is a pioneer in India and a global leader in Image Management and Soft Skills Training. Through world-class certifications and comprehensive curriculum designed by esteemed national and international institutions, ICBI empowers individuals to counsel and coach clients for a successful career while improving their own personality and lifestyle.

Are You Competent to Become an Image Consultant and Soft Skills Trainer in Surat?

If you have effective communication skills, a great sense of style, and an inner calling to transform people’s lives then make your way to ICBI where 21 brilliant careers await you regardless of your educational background and profession. Get certified through the most sought-after national and international institutions at ICBI and create your own success story!

If you are still on the fence for this training course in Surat, ask yourself the following questions –

Do you communicate effectively in personal and professional life?

Do you like interacting with people?

Do you have an eye for detail?

Do you instil self-confidence in others through your appearance?

Do people look up to you for advice related to personality and appearance?

Are you driven to make a difference in people’s lives?

Have you always wanted to do something of your own?

Do you always exude confidence and charm?

Do you often receive compliments on your fashion sense and personality?

Do people come to you for advice on matters related to communication, behaviour and appearance?

If most, or all of your answers were a confident ‘Yes’, then ICBI’s Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training Course is your ultimate career choice!

Career Opportunities After ICBI’s
Image Management and Soft Skills Training in SURAT

Once you’re an ICBI trained and certified Image Consultant & Soft Skills Trainer, you can choose from 21 career opportunities with infinite growth prospects.

Work with the elites in Surat as a wardrobe consultant, personal coach, body language expert, etiquette consultant, or as a public speaking coach.

Work with politicians, public figures, executives and other groups that need the services of an image consultant.

Accept event-based projects like personal shopping and styling for big budget weddings and other events.

Take on training sessions with grass root level and blue-collar employees like maids, drivers, and service technicians.

Groom students and professionals who are planning to move abroad for better prospects.

Work with job seekers on getting ready for interviews.

Conduct corporate trainings and design uniforms.

Organize workshops on different aspects of Image Management and Soft skills in colleges, universities, and vocational institutions in Surat.

This list can keep growing depending on your personal preferences, creative skills, and natural inclinations. There are no limitations to what you can achieve as an image consultant in Surat.


Image Consultant

Personal Stylist

Corporate stylist

Celebrity Stylist

Bridal/Wedding Stylist

Jewellery & Accessory Stylist

Media / Film / TV Stylist

Beauty Pageant / Event Stylist

Wardrobe Consultant

Personal Shopper

Grooming and Etiquette Coach

In-Store Fashion Stylist

Makeover Consultant

Soft Skills / Behavioral Skills Trainer

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Trainer

Confidence Coach

Team Management and Motivation Trainer

Vocal and Verbal Communication Trainer

Personality Development Trainer

Personal Branding / Executive Presence Trainer

Employability and Job Skills Trainer

Why ICBI is the best Image Consulting Institute in SURAT

ICBI is the only institution to offer complete business enablement support across the world.

ICBI certifies you through the most reputed international and national institutions.

ICBI offers comprehensive programs that include fellowship program for applied learning.

ICBI offers placement assistance and the opportunity to work as a trainer for its own centers in Surat subject to competency mapping assessment

ICBI certified consultants and trainers are successfully running their own business in Surat

Over 500 organizations and 5,00,000+lives impacted by our alumni

Awarded Asia's Greatest Brands

4.69/5 review rating on

Alumni base of over 3000 qualified Image Consultants and Soft Skills Trainers


Image Consulting

Training on 23 modules covering the Physical, Psychological, Social and Aesthetical aspects of Appearance Management including Clothing, Grooming, Body Language and Etiquette to create Positive First and Lasting Impressions.

Soft Skills Training

Training on 15 most essential soft skills including Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Negotiation, Customer Service, Sales, Team Management, Motivation, Goal Setting, Vocal & Verbal Communication, Time Management and Stress Management.

Train the Trainer

Comprehensive training including Public Speaking & Presentation Skills, Training and Delivery Skills, Time Management, Goal Setting & Delegation during the training, Training Need Analysis, Writing Content, Objectives & Outcomes.

Discover the course that brings you the best in you.



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