• A centre which sells and conducts courses offered by ICBI.
  • A centre which sells and conducts ICBI workshops.
  • 1000 sq ft space divided into 2 classrooms 1 counselling room, cabins and work stations.
  • Central location with good signage visibility.
  • Trainers provided by ICBI.
  • All systems and processes controlled by ICBI.
  • Earn a part of the course and workshop fee as income.
  • Expenses include
    1. Salary (1 Centre head, 1 counsellor, 1 marketing executive, 1 front office executive and office assistants)
    2. Training cost
    3. Advertising cost
    4. Rent/Maintenance, etc.


What will be the tenure of the agreement signed?

The agreement will be signed initially for 3 years and will be renewable on mutual consent.

What are the different elements of investment indicated in the snapshot?

There is a space requirement of 1000 sq ft carpet area. This could be owned or rented. The premises will need to have suitable interiors as per ICBI’s specifications. The approximate cost of interiors will range between Rs 10 Lacs to Rs 15 Lacs depending upon the existing condition of the premises. In addition to this there will be an investment of Rs 20 Lacs under various elements like license fee, working capital, initial advertising and marketing, equipments etc.

Will the license fee need to be paid again on renewal of agreement?

40% of original license fee will need to be paid again on renewal.

What are the financials for Course Business franchise?

Once you are principally in agreement of the concept and have the investment capacity, the financials will be shared with you.

Will the centre earn from the Corporate training and One-on-One consulting services offered by ICBI and its Image Consultants?

No. The course business centre deals with selling the courses and workshops.

Are there any guaranteed returns?

No business has guaranteed returns. It is always a probability based on various factors and only when you are fully convinced should you go ahead with the proposal.

What kind of support ICBI will provide?

ICBI will practically run the entire operation with your assistance in supervision. More detailed support will be discussed during the finalisation stage.

I can make the investment and provide infrastructure but cannot devote much time as I have other activities that I am involved in.

ICBI franchise model operates in a manner that ICBI practically runs the business and does not require much involvement from the franchisee. At the same time if you do want to be involved, it is possible.

The course business franchise option is available in which locations?

The course business franchise is available in following locations.

  • Mumbai-Vashi
  • Mumbai-Thane
  • Nashik
  • Rajkot
  • Indore
  • Bhopal
  • Kochi
  • Coimbatore
  • Ludhiana
  • Amritsar
  • Lucknow
  • Agra
  • Guwahati

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