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The Image Management & Soft Skills Training industry is relatively young, but it has tremendous growth potential. In just a few years, this industry today boasts of a market size worth thousands of crores.

People of today’s world are image-conscious, and this attribute has opened up various career avenues for people who are creative and have a genuine intent of helping others achieve a positive image.

With 21 exciting careers in Kolkata and earning potential of up to 9 Lakh to 18 Lakh per year, you can turn your passion for style and fashion into a profession to become an Image Consultant in Kolkata with just 1 qualification from ICBI.


Famously known as the city of joy, Kolkata is artistic in every sense and is a beautiful blend of human existence. The indomitable spirit of self-made people is a beautiful juxtaposition of the old and the new.

From businessmen to literature scholars, from artists to actors and from musicians to writers, there are all sorts of people striving to have a competitive edge to succeed. Across levels and across occupations, having a positive image helps in achieving success. An Image Consultant in Kolkata can be of help here.

The scope of work for an Image Consultant in Kolkata is massive. Work with people with different image needs by signing up for a career that’s never going to be stagnant.

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ICBI is the world’s leading brand in Image Management and Soft Skills Training and a pioneer of Image Management in India. With world-class curriculum, best-in-class trainers and certifications through the most reputed national and international institutions, ICBI empowers individuals to look and feel their very best along with the ability to guide, train and mentor others.

Do You Have What it Takes to Become an Image Consultant and Soft Skills Trainer in Kolkata?

If you have effective communication skills, an understanding of clothes and style and an innate desire to help people look and feel their very best, become a certified Image Consultant in Kolkata and make way for 21 glam careers.

With just 1 qualification through ICBI’s national and international certifications, you can become an Image Consultant & Soft Skills Trainer, irrespective of academic, age and career background.

Find out if ICBI’s Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training course in Kolkata is the right career choice for you. Ask yourself these questions:

Are you an excellent communicator?

Are you a peoples’ person?

Do you look professional, polished and dressed for success on all public occasions?

Are you self-disciplined, self-confident and a self-motivator?

Do you look professional, polished and dressed for success on all public occasions?

Are you passionate about starting out on your own and building it?

Do you have a knack for balance, colour and detail?

Does your personality inspire confidence in others?

Do people in your social circle ask your advice on matters related to their appearance?

Do you have a strong desire to help people live a better life?

Are you open to challenges?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to most of the questions above, then you are the right person to join ICBI’s Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training Course in Kolkata.

Career Opportunities After ICBI’s Image Management and Soft Skills Training in Kolkata

As an ICBI trained and certified Image Consultant & Soft Skills Trainer, you have different roles to play; 21 different careers and limitless possibilities come your way as you establish yourself as an Image Consultant in Kolkata.

Work as a personal coach, etiquette consultant, body language expert, public speaking coach, and wardrobe consultant to top-notch businessmen operating major industrial units in Kolkata.

Offer soft skill training and grooming sessions to banking professionals.

Offer training on communication skills, corporate dressing and styling services to employees of various BPOs in Kolkata.

Work with celebrities, elite professionals, executives and IT companies who need the services of an Image Consultant.

Undertake personal shopping projects to help brides-to-be who are wardrobe-challenged.

Work with job seekers to get them ready for interviews.

Organize workshops on various aspects of Image Management and Soft Skills for corporate professionals and in colleges, universities and vocational institutions.

Design uniforms for various companies.

Being an Image Consultant in Kolkata should not restrict you to the job roles described above. With your creativity, talent and natural inclination, you can explore various other avenues as you establish yourself as an Image Consultant in Kolkata.


Image Consultant

Personal Stylist

Corporate stylist

Celebrity Stylist

Bridal/Wedding Stylist

Jewellery & Accessory Stylist

Media / Film / TV Stylist

Beauty Pageant / Event Stylist

Wardrobe Consultant

Personal Shopper

Grooming and Etiquette Coach

In-Store Fashion Stylist

Makeover Consultant

Soft Skills / Behavioral Skills Trainer

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Trainer

Confidence Coach

Team Management and Motivation Trainer

Vocal and Verbal Communication Trainer

Personality Development Trainer

Personal Branding / Executive Presence Trainer

Employability and Job Skills Trainer

Why ICBI is the best Image Consulting Institute in KOLKATA

ICBI is the world’s only institute that provides training and also offers complete business enablement support.

ICBI certification is accredited by the most reputed international and national image training institutions.

ICBI’s training programs are extremely comprehensive and include a fellowship program for applied learning.

ICBI assists its students in their placement efforts and may also provide an opportunity to work for its own centre in Kolkata subject to competency mapping assessment.

ICBI certified Image Consultants and Soft Skills Trainers are happier and more successful.

Over 500 organizations and 5,00,000+lives impacted by our alumni

Awarded Asia's Greatest Brands

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Alumni base of over 3000 qualified Image Consultants and Soft Skills Trainers


Image Consulting

Training on 23 modules covering the Physical, Social, Psychological and Aesthetical aspects of Appearance Management including Grooming, Clothing, Body Language and Etiquette to create Positive Image and Lasting Impressions.

Soft Skills Training

Training that focuses on 15 most essential soft skills – Stress Management, Time Management Negotiation, Vocal & Verbal Communication, Sales, Customer Service, Team Management, Goal Setting, Motivation, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence.

Train the Trainer

Comprehensive training including Goal Setting & Delegation during the training, Objectives & Outcomes, Training and Delivery Skills, Training Need Analysis, Time Management, Writing Content, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills.

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