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Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI), a division of First Impression Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is the pioneer in India and the biggest brand in the world in Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training space.

ICBI offers most comprehensive and well-defined Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training programs to train Image Consultants and Soft Skills Trainers with a scientific, yet practical approach. In addition to providing class room training with “Best-in-Class Trainers” on World-Class content, it is the only institute across the world to offer complete business enablement support along with its programs. It helps the students of Business Programs in setting and successfully operating their consulting and training business. For students of professional programs leading to jobs it also offers internship and placement assistance.

A division of First Impression Consulting Pvt. Ltd., it is the largest initiative in Image Consulting globally and goes beyond training Image Consultants to define the emerging Image Consulting industry in India.

Over the last 14 years ICBI has become one of the biggest brands in this space in the world. Today ICBI trained Image Consultants and Soft Skills Trainers are present all over the world.


Building Scientific
Programs and Curriculum

ICBI’s Image Consulting training brings a scientific approach to the art of Image Management and Consulting. The idea for such an approach emerged from the observation that while clients required a single, coordinated approach to creating the desired image, the solutions were compartmentalized and disjointed, consuming client’s time and money, without delivering the required result.

In its efforts to offer a comprehensive and scientific program, ICBI built on the 40+ years of International Image Consulting Experience of Judith Rasband- a Certified Image Master and one of just 10 such masters in the world, coupled with the extensive technical expertise carried by Suman Agarwal – senior most Image Consultant in the Indian Subcontinent, and the years of high profile, service industry image management experience of Rakesh Agarwal. This led to the creation of Business, Professional and Certificate series of programs in Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training.

Unique Business Approach

ICBI also undertook the unique approach of offering extensive business enablement support that includes business training, updated training and consulting material, a listing in a specialized search engine for Image Consultants and Soft Skills Trainers, backend lead management system and ongoing comprehensive business coaching. This approach has enabled ICBI to help consultants set up highly respected Image Consulting businesses. In the process, ICBI has opened up a world of opportunity to potential Image Consultants and its programs have become the most sought after in the industry.

ICBI is proud to mention that many of its Image Consultants have become leading corporate, sales, retail and personal consultants, helping clients build fulfilling personal, professional and social lives. ICBI continues to strive to enhance the programs it offers and the standards of the Image Consulting industry.

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