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With an industry size of thousands of crores and an earning potential of up to 18 Lakhs per year, Image consulting and soft skills training has become one of the most sought-after professions of the century and for the right reasons.

In this competitive world, everyone is looking for ways to re-invent themselves and project a powerful persona. This has led to a soaring demand for professional Image Consultants and Soft Skills Trainers.

ICBI, with its internationally acclaimed courses, certifies people passionate about changing lives to become an Image Consultant and Soft Skills Trainer in Chandigarh. It helps you turn your creativity and sense of style to 21 glam career opportunities with just 1 qualification.


With an economy that has been growing at a very fast rate, Chandigarh is considered to be one of the richest cities in India. It is a home to people who always look for ways to become the best versions of themselves in pursuit of a life that’s luxurious and lived to its fullest. It is safe to say that people of Chandigarh are outgoing, lively, tasteful and love staying on top of everything.

This has increased the need for more and more Image Consultants in Chandigarh who can help the citizens create powerful personas of themselves.

Enter the world of opportunities with ICBI’s soft skills training and image consultant courses that open the doorway to 21 glam careers with just 1 qualification.

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ICBI is the pioneer of Image Management in India and world’s leading brand in Image Management and Soft Skills Training. With world-class curriculum and certifications through the most reputed national and international institutions, ICBI empowers individuals to become the best versions of themselves along with being able to guide, mentor and train others.


If you are creative, have a sense of style and aesthetics, and possess effective communication skills, then you can choose from 21 glam career opportunities with a single certification through ICBI.

Ask yourself the questions below and find out if you should register for ICBI’s image consulting and soft skills courses in Chandigarh.

Do I possess good communication skills?

Is attention to detail very important to me?

Am I a people person?

Have I always wished to build something of my own to achieve financial independence?

Do I often get great compliments on my appearance and style?

Do people in my social circle seek my suggestions to enhance their appearance?

Do I always project confidence and inspire confidence in other too?

Do people around me seek my advice on behaviour and communication related matters?

Am I passionate about changing lives and creating an impact?

If your answer to all or most of the questions above is ‘Yes’, then think no more and register for ICBI’s Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training Courses in Chandigarh.

Career Opportunities After ICBI’s Image Management and Soft Skills Training in Chandigarh

As an ICBI certified Image Consultant and Soft Skills Trainer in Chandigarh, you do not need to limit yourself to a single industry. Choose from 21 career opportunities with limitless possibilities and prepare to live a high life.

Chandigarh is famous for extravagant weddings and other events. Work as a personal shopping guide and stylist for the bride and the groom.

Work as a grooming expert and style specialist in the cinema industry in Chandigarh.

Work as a body language expert, wardrobe consultant, etiquette consultant, personal shopper, etc. for the elites of Chandigarh who like projecting an impressive image in their social circles.

Offer styling services in the huge fashion and entertainment industry in Chandigarh.

Offer image enhancement services to people in Chandigarh migrating to foreign countries.

Conduct image training workshops for people to make aspirants interview ready.

Work as a personality development trainer in colleges and corporates.

Offer grooming and styling services to aspiring actors in Chandigarh.

Train blue collar and grass root level employees like maids, service technicians, drivers, etc.

For an Image Consultant and Soft Skills Trainer in Chandigarh, the opportunities are infinite. This list continues growing if you have the ability, curiosity and talent to inspire change.


Image Consultant

Personal Stylist

Corporate stylist

Celebrity Stylist

Bridal/Wedding Stylist

Jewellery & Accessory Stylist

Media / Film / TV Stylist

Beauty Pageant / Event Stylist

Wardrobe Consultant

Personal Shopper

Grooming and Etiquette Coach

In-Store Fashion Stylist

Makeover Consultant

Soft Skills / Behavioral Skills Trainer

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Trainer

Confidence Coach

Team Management and Motivation Trainer

Vocal and Verbal Communication Trainer

Personality Development Trainer

Personal Branding / Executive Presence Trainer

Employability and Job Skills Trainer

Why ICBI is the best Image Consulting Institute in CHANDIGARH

ICBI is the single-most institute in the world to offer a comprehensive business enablement support as a part of its program.

ICBI certifies in association and accreditation with some of the most reputed national and international institutions.

ICBI offers all-inclusive programs that include fellowship program for applied learning, i.e. practice with real clients.

ICBI offers placement assistance and a brilliant opportunity to work as an image consultant and soft skills trainer in one of its own institutes based on your competency mapping assessment.

ICBI certified image consultants and trainers are among the most successful and preferred in Chandigarh.

Over 500 organizations and 5,00,000+lives impacted by our alumni

Awarded Asia's Greatest Brands

4.69/5 review rating on

Alumni base of over 3000 qualified Image Consultants and Soft Skills Trainers


Image Consulting

Preparing on 23 modules covering the Physical, Psychological, Social and Aesthetical parts of Appearance Management including Clothing, Grooming, Body Language and Etiquette to make Positive First and Lasting Impressions.

Soft Skills Training

Training on 15 most essential soft skills like Emotional Intelligence, Team Management, Leadership, Negotiation, Motivation, Goal Setting, Vocal & Verbal Communication, Customer Service, Sales, Time Management and Stress Management.

Train the Trainer

All-inclusive training including Public Speaking & Presentation Skills, Time Management, Goal Setting & Delegation during the training, Training and Delivery Skills, Training Need Analysis, Writing Content, Objectives & Outcomes.

Discover the course that best complements your strengths.



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