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These days a successful career demands much more than having the required skill set for your job. Soft skills training is so vital that it has become a lucrative industry on its own accord.

If you’re looking for soft skill development courses in Jaipur, ICBI’s image consulting and soft skill training certificate will open the door for 21 glamorous career opportunities with an earning potential of up to 9 lakh to 18 lakh per year with just 1 qualification.

This will equip you to join the Image Management and Soft Skills Training industry with a market size of thousands of crores.


Jaipur or the ‘pink city’ is the hotspot for international tourists and gorgeous destination weddings. Having a good career here means interacting with people from all parts of the world.

That is why it is crucial to get an edge over competitors. After you have the required skill set for your profession, what can set you apart from the crowd is developing soft skills to become the best version of yourself. Therefore, it is crucial to join communication skills classes in Jaipur.

Get a ticket to 21 exciting careers and help individuals, companies, celebrities and job seekers create a magnetic persona with ICBI’s soft skill training and image consultant course in Jaipur. ICBI’s skill development courses in Jaipur will open a wide variety of scope of work in different industries and your career will have no limits.

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ICBI is the first of its kind Image Management courses in India and the world’s best brand in Image Management and Soft Skills Training. It has a world-class curriculum and certifications through reputed national and international institutions. ICBI empowers individuals to become the best versions of themselves, along with being able to train and mentor others.

Do You Have What it Takes to Become an Image Consultant and Soft Skills Trainer in Jaipur?

Tap into your talent for style and aesthetics and combine it with your penchant for communication skills to get qualified for 21 glam careers with 1 qualification of ICBI’s national and international certifications.
Becoming an Image Consultant & Soft Skills Trainer is a great career opportunity, irrespective of academic and career background. Find out if you are the right fit for ICBI’s Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training course in Jaipur by asking yourself these questions –

The most important skill you need is the intent to help others with the passion to excel at what you are doing. Are you the right fit for ICBI’s Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training course in Hyderabad? Answers these questions to find out.

Can you communicate well with the people around you?

Do you like socializing with people?

Do you like focusing on the details?

Does your personality inspire confidence in others?

Do friends and family seek your approval on their sense of style?

Do you want to make a difference in other people’s lives?

Are you passionate about starting your own business and building it from scratch?

Can you radiate confidence 24*7?

Do people look up to you because of your sense of style and the way you dress?

Do friends and family seek your opinion about style, soft skills and communication-related matters?

If you have answered positively for all these questions, then ICBI’s Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training Course in Jaipur is for you.

Career Opportunities After ICBI’s Image Management and Soft Skills Training in Jaipur

Once you’re an ICBI trained and certified Image Consultant & Soft Skills Trainer, you can choose from 21 career opportunities with limitless possibilities!

Work with the jetsetters in Jaipur as a soft skills trainer, public speaking coach, etiquette consultant, body language expert, wardrobe consultant, etc.

Work with local celebrities, high ranking corporate executives, politicians, or basically anyone who is in the public eye as an image consultant.

Offer soft skills training to the crowd holding blue-collar jobs like drivers, maids, service technicians, and more.

Offer soft skill and image consultancy training to the large hospitality industry in Jaipur that caters to international tourists.

Offer communication skills development to the local business owners and shops and restaurant employees who will be dealing with travellers from around the world.

Since Jaipur is a destination wedding hotspot, styling and personal shopping services for upscale weddings can be offered. Provide styling services to brides, grooms and their families and relatives.

Offer special management services for destination weddings.

Offer skill development courses in Jaipur to prospective jobseekers.

Offer image consultancy and communication skills training to people prepping to go abroad.

Offer training in communication skills in Jaipur to various colleges and training institutions.

This list can keep expanding, and with your individual creativity, talent and natural inclination, there is no limit to what you can do as an Image Consultant in Jaipur.


Image Consultant

Personal Stylist

Corporate stylist

Celebrity Stylist

Bridal/Wedding Stylist

Jewellery & Accessory Stylist

Media / Film / TV Stylist

Beauty Pageant / Event Stylist

Wardrobe Consultant

Personal Shopper

Grooming and Etiquette Coach

In-Store Fashion Stylist

Makeover Consultant

Soft Skills / Behavioral Skills Trainer

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Trainer

Confidence Coach

Team Management and Motivation Trainer

Vocal and Verbal Communication Trainer

Personality Development Trainer

Personal Branding / Executive Presence Trainer

Employability and Job Skills Trainer

Why ICBI is the best Image Consulting Institute in JAIPUR

ICBI is accredited with the best national and international institutes to offer certification courses that use a scientific yet practical approach to deliver the required results.

ICBI’s unique business approach offers extensive business enablement support along with its training programs.

ICBI offers well-designed and comprehensive programs that also include fellowship programs for applied learning.

ICBI provides placement assistance to its students and also offer opportunities to work at its own centre in Hyderabad subject to competency mapping assessment.

ICBI certified consultants and trainers are among the most successful in Jaipur.

Over 500 organizations and 5,00,000+lives impacted by our alumni

Awarded Asia's Greatest Brands

4.69/5 review rating on

Alumni base of over 3000 qualified Image Consultants and Soft Skills Trainers


Image Consulting

The image consulting training encompasses 23 modules covering Physical, Psychological, Social and Aesthetical aspects of Appearance Management including Clothing, Grooming, Body Language and Etiquette to form positive First Impressions that last a lifetime.

Soft Skills Training

Focus is on training in the 15 most essential soft skills including Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Negotiation, Customer Service, Sales, Team Management, Motivation, Goal Setting, Vocal & Verbal Communication, Time Management and Stress Management.

Train the Trainer

In-depth training including Public Speaking & Presentation Skills, Training and Delivery Skills, Time Management, Goal Setting & Delegation during the training, Training Need Analysis, Writing Content, Objectives and Outcomes.

Discover the course that best complements your strengths.



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