My Vision of a Gender-Equal World – How Image Management is the Need of the Hour

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My Vision of a Gender-Equal World – How Image Management is the Need of the Hour

Women's Day
I wish all the women out there a very happy Women’s Day. Though we are celebrating women today, I cannot help but wonder how we are living in a century where women are thriving, but, at the same time, there are several women across all nations who are still struggling because of gender bias that exists in our societies.

The World Bank reported that many women worldwide are prevented by law from working in certain jobs. And when women work, most of them are affected by the gender pay gap. It is not just a limited observation; women, globally, earn only 82 cents for every dollar that men earn. On top of that, gender roles have set women back many years, with them having to take on labour-heavy jobs and unpaid care work. And all of this has led to losing 172 trillion dollars in lost income potential.

Gender bias at workplaces, homes, and even in society isn’t a problem just for women; it’s a global problem that requires global action.
In my Image Management career, I have come across many women who have gradually lost their confidence to fit in. Many women fear being assertive, or asking for equal pay or asking for a say in the important decisions because they have been conditioned to comply. In fact, gender bias has been so normalized that we easily fail to notice problems that exist around us.

Do you resonate with these statements?
  • Women are not actively involved in decision-making at home or the workplace.
  • Women usually demonstrate less confidence than men, which robs them of several great opportunities.
  • Women are usually less assertive and have to fight a lot to earn a seat at the table because of the gender bias at workplaces.
  • Powerful and confident women are usually viewed as shrill and bossy.
  • Women are not fairly considered for promotions and top levels of corporate leadership.

If yes, then you know what gender inequality can look like.

What we need is more people who realize the gap between not just ‘pay’ but also the gap between recognition and opportunities men and women are given. A better representation of women can begin to demolish the toxic workplaces and create an environment that’s unbiased and nurturing.

Image and Equality

For ages, women have been moulded to present a certain image so as to not come off as strong, unpleasant, or unwelcoming. And women who are homemakers too have been made to believe that their responsibility towards their families can only hold them back. This induces nothing but more fear in them, causing them to bend over backwards and still not feel deserving enough. This can dramatically affect their confidence as well as career growth.

What women need is better Image Management to amplify their voices as well as personalities. If you’re a working professional, you would notice that you or someone around you can work on critical workplace skills, such as presentation, public speaking, communication, critical thinking, decision making, etc. And this is what Image Management is all about.

Here’s why working professionals, especially women, need Image Management training:

    1. To Appear Powerful

      First impressions can make a huge difference. This is the reason the sharpest dresser in the room is often perceived positively. With Image Management training, you learn everything from choosing what to wear to managing your professional image. It empowers you to walk your talk and communicate your professionalism through your appearance. Moreover, a professional makeover can help you or your employees feel confident about your image, especially when communicating with clients. It can help tremendously in creating the best first impressions and getting an edge above others.

    2. To Gain Confidence
      Our Image Management program does not only give professionals a powerful makeover, but also helps create an all-around professional persona. It trains people on corporate skills, such as public speaking, presentation, decision-making, conflict resolution, etc. This can help you or your female colleagues to gain the much-needed confidence to make space and earn recognition even at the top leadership positions.

    3. To Become Visible
      Research shows that women tend to stay out of the spotlight at work, avoid conflicts, and quietly get work done. They also often avoid interjecting in meetings and taking credit for their accomplishments so as to not draw attention. With Image Management training, they can learn how to become more authoritative while also avoiding conflict. They are trained on real-life scenarios in a professional space with a clear strategy on how to manage themselves professionally and confidently in the events of conflict and stress-inducing situations.

Image isn’t only about how you look; it’s about how you present yourself both with your appearance as well as attitude. And professional Image Management training is what women and professionals need to find their true voice and confidence.
Image Management training for women can be the solution to gender inequality at workplaces. You can reach out to us and find out how our certified and experienced training professionals can help you bring a wave of change.

Learn More About Image Management Today and Choose to Empower Women.

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