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Soft Skills Training Certification – A Great Plus for Elementary Teachers

Over the last few decades, the requirements in the corporate world have changed, making soft skills an important selection criterion. This is why many elementary education bodies have realized that degrees are no more enough to cater to the professional growth of their students. And some are even putting fundamental soft skills training in place to prepare students for life after school. And this has made soft skills training for teachers a lucrative option.

As certified trainers, teachers not only help their students become future-ready but also elevate their own personal and professional growth. Here’s how:

Upward Career Trajectory

Elementary teachers with additional soft skills training certification can explore beyond their teaching roles and become subject matter experts. With the right training skills, they can easily grab opportunities that allow growth beyond just the classrooms. Within the school, they can become easily eligible to aim for extended teaching roles, cutting short years of hard work and practice. For example,

  • They can serve as a role model and guide inexperienced teachers in developing training competency.
  • As a subject matter expert, they can become the head of the training department.
  • Teachers certified in soft skills training who also have a Masters degree can undertake the prestigious role of a Principal.

Additional Income

The current generation of parents understand the importance of imbibing soft skills into children from a young age. So, if the school doesn’t offer a training program, they choose to take responsibility for their children’s overall development. And this is a great incentive for teachers to set up their own business and create an additional line of income. They can train children on how to develop emotional intelligence, work in teams, communicate effectively, speak confidently in public events, etc. and prepare them for the real deal. Moreover, teachers enjoy added advantages because:

  • They already have the right teaching skills and a great sense of how to deal with children.
  • As teaching professionals, they can get benefits of a readymade clientele.

Confidence Booster

Many teachers end up having a stagnant teaching career because despite their excellent proficiency standards, they fail to manage a class of students effectively. The reason is the lack of confidence. A well-structured soft skills training program can transform their personalities and fill them with confidence which is not only essential for professional growth but also personal fulfillment. ICBI offers soft skills training certifications accredited by some of the most credible international and national institutions. The program consists of various modules including:

  • Confidence Coaching
  • Etiquette Coaching
  • Motivation Training
  • Public Speaking Skills Training
  • Personality Development Training
  • Communication Training, etc.

The market dynamics are changing rapidly which is why teachers, whether or not looking for additional opportunities, must consider enrolling in a soft skills training course. It improves their critical thinking and listening skills that help them respond correctly to the diverse groups of students, and caters to their holistic development.

Suman Agarwal

Suman Agarwal

The author, Suman Agarwal, is the senior-most Image Consultant in the Indian Sub-continent and director of Image Consulting Business Institute. Image Consulting Business Institute is a pioneer in India and one of the biggest brands in the world in Image Management and Soft Skills Training Space. It offers programs for people to become Image Consultants and Soft Skills Trainers and at the same time offers Image Management and Soft Skills Training services to individuals and companies.
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