Top Soft Skills Trainer Jobs and Career Opportunities

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Top Career Opportunities and Jobs for Certified Soft Skills Trainers

career opportunities for soft skills trainer

While computers and machines can be designed to take over almost everything today, one thing they cannot replace is soft skills or human skills. According to Microsoft and Mckinsey, 30% to 40% of jobs in the future will depend on soft skills.
And this has led to a huge demand for soft skills trainers in almost every industry from education to healthcare to hospitality to media. There is no dearth of career opportunities for a soft skills trainer because you can wear many hats and easily fit into a variety of roles without any additional training.
What are the top soft skills trainer jobs that are both profitable and rewarding? Let’s find out.

1. Personality Development Trainer

One of the top career opportunities for a soft skills trainer is personality development training. A personality development trainer or life coach helps clients improve certain aspects of their personality to achieve goals like getting better job success, improving personal and professional communication, getting ready for a high-end role, etc.
And as a soft skills trainer, you can assess behaviours, make recommendations, teach skills, and even instil a sense of purpose in people. And this can be done to either achieve a certain target or enhance the overall personality in general.
As a personality development trainer, you can work for companies, schools, colleges, and institutes, and even offer training directly to your individual clients.

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2. Behavioural Skills Trainer

A behavioural skills trainer helps organisations, teams, and individual employees increase their effectiveness by getting to the root of issues like lack of motivation, low confidence, poor client relationships, conflicts, etc.Behavioural training is one of the ideal soft skills trainer jobssince it requires personality profiling, something that you would learn in ICBI’s soft skills training certification course.
By assessing your clients’ actions, responses, and reactions, you can identify their behavioural issues and help them correct each gradually. You can help employees, CEOs, CFOs, Directors, etc., so they can respond accurately and effectively in all kinds of settings, irrespective of how demanding a situation may be.
As a result, you can contribute to conflict-free, happy, and thriving workplaces.

3. Public Speaking Coach

Public speaking coaching is one of the most interesting aspects of the soft skill trainer career. A public speaking eliminates people’s fear of speaking in public or addressing a large group. They help theirclients become more confident and fluent when it comes to communication so they can express and share their thoughts to create an impact.
Employees, CEOs, social workers, politicians, celebrities, students – almost everyone can benefit from the skills of a public speaking coach. This means that you can have clients from different backgrounds, which can be especially rewarding if you set up your own business.

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4. Etiquette Coach

Etiquette Coaching is one of the many viable soft skill trainer jobs. As an etiquette coach, you can help your clients learn how to navigate society and relationships with peerswhilestaying updated as the world around them changes consistently. And this can help tremendously in career and professional growth.
One of the most popular aspects of etiquette coaching is business etiquette training, where you can train employees and senior leaders on different aspects like teamwork, professional appearances, emotional intelligence, etc.,tofacilitate their professional success.

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5. Confidence Coaching

Confidence is an indispensable quality when you’re looking to achieve success in any sphere of life. It is especially critical in client-facing industries where networking and communication can make or break the game. As a confidence coach, after your soft skills trainer certification, you can either offer your services to individuals or work for organisations to train groups. But what is a confidence coach?
A confidence coach’s responsibility is to help their clients become confident, so they can talk to strangers, network better, express their thoughts and ideas, and make the most of all opportunities. A confidence coach can offer services to students, job seekers, working professionals, and people in general who need some help coming out of their shells. This soft skills trainer career option can be very rewarding since you can see people become the best versions of themselves.

6. Corporate Trainer

Career opportunities after soft skills training certification include corporate training, which may be perfect for people who prefer corporate jobs or people looking to advance their corporate careers. As a corporate trainer, you will be responsible for assessing training and development needs in an organisation, designing training content, conducting training programs, and keeping employees updated with the latest corporate trends. All these skills are a part of our soft skills training certification, where you would learn how to train people from different walks of life.

7. Leadership Coach

Leadership coaching, also called business coaching, involves training professionals on modules like organisational development, interpersonal skills, business planning, executive coaching, etc. As a leadership coach, you can train individuals and working professionals to gain self-awareness and become great leaders. You can coach teams or high-performing professionals in an organisationand even work with CEOs and leaders across different verticals. For each, you will learn how to assess people’s unique needs and offer training accordingly in our soft skills training certification course.

8. Communication Coach

Communication coaching is one of the most popular soft skills trainer jobs. It entails improving people’s written and verbal skills so they can get their ideas and thoughts across without any challenges. From effective email writing to perfecting interviews, communication coaching can help people achieve many goals.
You can work with people from different professions or industries, for example, media, film industry, education, politics, IT, banking, etc. Moreover, you can also work as a personal speech coach.
The tools and techniques required to be a communication coach are covered in ICBI’s soft skills training course so you do not have to invest separately in this career avenue, just like the others we discussed above.
ICBI is a globally recognised name in the soft skills training space, which would give you the credibility you need for a kickstart in this industry. Moreover, ready-to-use training material, handholding support, networking opportunities, and projects that come with ICBI would set you up for success right from the beginning.

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