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How to Become a Public Speaking Coach?


With the changing dynamics, more and more individuals are tired of being in the background. They have started dreaming of advancing their careers or becoming the best version of themselves by building self-confidence in how they speak in public. And this spike has given rise to a demand for public speaking coaches.

Who is a Public Speaking Coach?

A group of people attending workshop by public speaking coach
A group of people attending workshop by public speaking coach

A public speaking coach is a professional who trains individuals to improve their public speaking skills. The main goal of a public speaking coach is to help clients overcome their fear of public speaking and become confident speakers.

Public speaking coaches provide various services ranging from one-on-one coaching sessions to group workshops. During coaching sessions, the coach provides feedback on the client’s presentation style and content while also teaching them techniques for improving delivery and engaging with the audience. Additionally, coaches may work with clients on developing effective strategies for handling nerves or anxiety related to public speaking.

What are the Types of Public Speaking Coaches?

The art of public speaking has given rise to different types of public speaking coaches, depending on the requirement. Here are three widely popular types of coaches to help you understand the field better:

Content Coach

Content Coach
A content coach writing speeches for executives

A content coach can help in writing speeches for executives to helping bloggers create engaging content that resonates with their audience. They can also guide the complex world of communication, providing valuable insights and advice on effectively communicating ideas.

If you’re great with words and can write various content pieces on different occasions and industries, pursuing a public speaking career in content coaching might just be your calling!

Delivery Coach

A delivery coach conducting video conference
A group of people sitting at a table and watching a video conference conducted by delivery coach.

Delivery coaches work with people in various fields, including business, politics, entertainment, and education. Their primary goal is to help clients become more confident speakers by enhancing their vocal technique, body language, and overall presentation skills.

With the rise of virtual communication channels such as webinars and video conferences, effective public speaking has become more critical than ever before. A delivery coach can help individuals develop a strong stage presence that engages audiences effectively while delivering clear messages that resonate with them.

Speaker Marketing Coach

Speaker Marketing coach
Two speaker marketing coaches giving a presentation in a conference room.

A speaker marketing coach is a professional who specialises in helping individuals seeking to enhance their public speaking career. There can be stances where a public speaker is ready with their speech, but they don’t know how to market it. They are looking for speaker marketing coaches to help them position themselves better in the market and present their speeches.

What Type of People Hire Public Speaking Coaches?

Speech coach
A speech coach teaching speech therapy to children in a classroom.

While this career choice comes with plenty of opportunities, there must be a set of an audience demanding a public speaking coach, right? Here are some people who need your help:

  • Working Individuals: A public speaking coach can help professionals identify their weaknesses and provide tailored guidance on improving their delivery style and presentation skills.
  • Students: Students can learn how to structure their presentations effectively, use appropriate body language and tone of voice, handle questions from the audience with ease, and much more with the help of a speech coach.
  • Job Seekers: Job seekers need to develop better communication skills to express themselves clearly and succinctly in various situations such as interviews, meetings, or presentations.
  • Media Professionals: People in media must keep their thoughts organised and creative by constantly being confident in speaking in public. Hence, you can see them hiring a public speaking coach more often.
  • Owners of a Startup: Getting started with your own business is not a joke, and onboarding investors is crucial. Pitching to them requires self-confidence, and here’s where a public speaking coach can help.

Reasons Why People Hire a Public Speaking Coach

Public speaking coach
A public speaking coach giving speech in audience.

The importance of public speaking is rising day by day. But are there any benefits to hiring a public speaking coach? Let’s find out:

  • To Structure the Content

    A presentation is only great when it has a solid pillar of content. But creating good-quality presentation content is not easy and is time-consuming. A speaking coach helps people by including all the essential points required to make an impact.

  • To Perfect the Delivery

    Content is only great when the speaker knows how to deliver it perfectly. A public speaking coach helps people see things they cannot spot themselves and improve the overall delivery of their speech.

  • To Help with the Public Speaking Fear

    People who fear speaking in public can find public speaking coaches helpful as they can guide them to lessen their anxiety.

  • To Reinforce Improvement

    Improving one’s public speaking skills is a process. People who have to present themselves in public tend to hire a speaking coach to guide them throughout the process.

How to Become a Public Speaking Coach

An experienced public speaking coach
A man giving presentation to a group of people.

Are you convinced that a public speaking coach is the career path you want to choose? And now, are you wondering how to get started? Let us help you:

Step #1: Find Your Niche

Sit back and think before you step and move ahead. There are so many fields to explore within the area of public speaking, so it’s understandable to get lost in choosing which one you really want to go for. Research and see where you want to go further in this career.

Step #2: Get Certified

A degree is not mandatory, but if you want to go solo and start your own business to help people develop their soft skills and become better at public speaking, a certification course can help you build trust. You can become a Soft Skills Trainer to get started with public speaking.

Learn more about the job opportunities for certified Soft Skills Trainers!

Step #3: Define Your Goals

Once you get certified, it’s time to identify your business goals. There is a wide audience waiting to get coached; hence, you need to narrow it down and choose what you truly want to go with. For example, list down the audience you want to cater to, what services you will provide, the pricing of your services, and more.

Step #4: Decide on Your USP

Research the industry you want to enter and study your competitors to know what kind of skills and services they offer. Pay attention to how they describe themselves and their titles.

Step #5: Choose the Right Channel

There are tons of public speaking coaches available on various social media platforms. So, it’s essential to choose the right channel where you can dominate the industry game. You can begin with YouTube, Instagram, Medium, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Quora.

Step #6: Establish a Marketing Strategy

Once you know the platform you want to rule, it’s time to decide your marketing plans. Decide your short-term and long-term goals, start using social media, build your website, and connect to people who can get you some events.

Step #7: Start Getting Experience

Lastly, begin your coaching journey by getting experience. Start conducting gigs. You can begin by asking your colleagues, friends, or families whether they need your help. They can even become some great testimonials to get your clients!

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