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Psychologists and counsellors advantages in image consulting

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Although anyone with a strong desire and commitment to help change people’s lives can become an image consultant with the right education, training, and mentoring, Psychologists and counsellors have an edge in moving towards fulfilling their personal, professional, and financial goals in the career of image consulting. The reasons for the same are as follows:-

Image is inside out. While creating a positive first impression largely depends on visual and non verbal communication highlighted by grooming, clothing, and body language, it also requires for a person to have psychological strengths in order to come through on the first impression created by leaving a powerful lasting impression. Issues like self image, self esteem, self confidence and self actualization are extremely important in order to create an authentic image. People engaged in the profession of psychological counselling deal with the deepest secrets of human mind and behaviour and they develop an insight into these issues and become very good at reading signs signifying some deep rooted behavioural conflicts and issues. In particular they develop the following skills:-

Counselling Ability

 It is not easy for a stranger to open up in the first meeting and that is essential in order to really understand the issues that client may have. Psychologists and counsellors have the ability to draw out a person by asking appropriate questions and positively urging clients to open up.


 It is important to see things from the point of view of the client. Psychologists and counsellors develop this over a period of time and this makes clients feel very comfortable and help them in highlighting their issues. They get a feeling that their problems are understood well and this also generates belief on the treatment.


Generally, people have similar issues. Many of them are related to stress. Over a period of time, psychologists and counsellors develop a good symptomatic history. This helps them in understanding the issues of the client in a better way and in prescribing the correct counselling or treatment.

These abilities and experiences are a big advantage in the business of image consulting and these professionals have a bright career in this field. They can also provide extra benefit to their existing clients as once they also become educated and trained on other elements of image management they can use that knowledge in providing a value addition to them.

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