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HR professionals benefits from image consulting

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Although anyone with a strong desire and commitment to help change people’s lives can become an image consultant with the right education, training, and mentoring, Recruitment and HR professionals have an edge in moving towards fulfilling their personal, professional, and financial goals in the career of image consulting. The reasons for the same are as follows.

Individuals have an image and companies have an image. It is essential to project a positive, authentic and appropriate image. Most of the companies have started recognizing image management as an essential factor to be more successful. Corporate clients provide a huge business chunk in the overall image consulting business all over the world. A corporate image consulting assignment largely deals with improving the image of their employees which results in lower staff turnover, higher productivity, and better customer handling. All of them lead to greater profitability, which is the basic reason why companies exist.

People engaged in the profession of HR and recruitment therefore have an edge in image consulting business. They have experience in dealing with employees at various levels and also develop good nonverbal communication reading skills. This helps them a lot in providing image consulting services to individuals and companies. They specifically develop the following skills:-

Body Language Reading Ability

 HR and recruitment professionals deal with many people at different levels. While interviewing candidates they develop the ability to read their body language signs which helps them in deciding to select or reject a candidate. They are also well aware of the impact of first impressions in such situations.

Employee relations

Since HR professionals mainly deal with people, and in companies employees go to them to address their grievances and issues, they are well aware of general issues of employees. They also develop a good understanding of how various company policies effect employees. They also realize the importance of having the right people on the job and of projecting a positive, authentic and appropriate image and consequences of not being able to do so.

These skills help them a lot in the profession of image consulting as many of the clients come to image consultants to learn to project the right image in order to get the right job or promotion in an existing job.

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