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Thank you for showing an interest in one of our offerings. If you have booked an Admission Suitability Call with our Expert Program Advisor, you will receive a joining link through email.

If you have filled an enquiry form for showing an interest in one of our courses in Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training, you will get a call back from one of our program advisors to schedule an Admission Suitability Discussion. You can also book an Admission Suitability Call for our courses in Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training from the link below.


See this video by Suman Agarwal, Director, ICBI and the senior most Image Consultant in the Indian Sub Continent and get a preview of the presentation.

The presentation will provide you with the following 8 take-aways.
  • Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training- Industry and Market Opportunity
  • ICBI’s unique and compelling offering
  • Your suitability score for self-employment in this domain
  • Your earning potential and the factors that will influence the same
  • Our Course Material – Range & Depth
  • Your Differentiator – Certifications, Consulting Material and Content Libraries
  • ICBI’s Support Services Framework to help you start, market and grow your practice
  • Customized and friendly financing options

Some Inspiring Stories of Image Consultants and Soft Skills Trainers

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