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It all began when my attention was drawn to an ad in the newspaper about a seminar on Image Management. After attending the seminar I was a little hesitant but interested in taking the course, after my first workshop with ICBI, I was convinced that I have moved in the right direction towards a career I have always wanted. It’s interesting to do something in life, which gives you satisfaction, and fulfillment in achieving your goals.

I am truly amazed at the foundation ICBI has given me. Their course has taught me about color, makeup, to styling even taught me skills about has given me. Their course has taught me about color, makeup, to styling even taught me skills about marketing and client relation, which is really important. After going through the course at the institution I not only learned to transfer people and enhance their image but learned my own transformation. They really helped me to uncover the new inner strength and this is just a start to a great career.

We all know and talk about first impressions but do we really get it? Do we really understand how important it is to know how to present yourself to the best of our abilities? How can it change your life? Do we really understand the impact of our visual appearance and non-verbal messages we send?

There are many facets to Image Consulting none are more important than the First Impression you make to yourself when looking in the mirror each morning. It changes how confident you feel in greeting other people early in the day if you know what they see is an authentic representation of who you are.

During my consultation, I realized neither high school nor college curricula include the practical lessons that students need to succeed in school and in life namely social-communication skillsImage building and also teaching them the importance of the first impression. Image Consulting is multidimensional; I work with teens and young adults along with professionals and entrepreneurs. Have developed a program for International School children and been successful with a number of schools introducing these programs which they have applauded and appreciated thoroughly.

Image Consulting goes beyond clothing and color plates. We learn our client’s behavior and help them to communicate more effectively and elevate confidence without changing who they are as a person. It’s the joy and challenges of this work that makes it so interesting.

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