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Blast from the Past

After graduating from a fashion school, I still felt that I needed to know more. Fashion designing did teach me how to design clothes but I was still not very satisfied. I wanted to get more creative in helping people and work on their image which is much more than just designing clothes. Since I was always a very protected introvert child I was not sure if I could work as a catalyst to create a dream come true for my clients (both individual and corporate) not only in their clothing but also grooming, body language including etiquette.

Then it all Changed

In 2010, I found out about ICBI through an aunt of mine who was pursuing the same course in some other city. I immediately got myself enrolled and started the journey of learning in 2011. I felt this will help me in building my dream career. By 2012 I got my certification and I started my journey of creating my brand. ICBI not only helped me in my certification but also guided me step by step in becoming a trainer with them. With extreme handholding and support an introvert person like me got an opportunity to come out of my shell and become a confident entrepreneur.

Conquering New Horizons

Today I work as an Image Designer wherein I bring along my knowledge from my various fields of learning (Fashion and Textile Designing, Makeup and Image consulting). Designing clothes as per the body shapes of clients under my label D-Urban, one on one Consultations for the common man as well as the CEO’s of companies, training sessions for ICBI and several grooming institutes batch after batch, corporate workshops for leading banks of the country, automobile companies and top hotel chains of the country, personal shopping assignments for domestic and international clients, styling for events, personal makeup classes, mentoring and guiding individuals for greater success are some of my assignments which keep the enthusiasm going. Helping people create an authentic image which is a natural extension of who they are, gives me enough inspiration to pursue my passion.

My #MoreThanAPayCheque moment

A working professional seeking for a change in job once came up to me for a one-on one consultation. She realized that despite her knowledge and years of experience in the field she couldn’t get placements with companies she wanted to work with. After making the required changes in her appearance and body language she cleared her interview and got a job in one of India’s leading IT companies. She has been my client since then and her compliment made me feel that I live for moments such as these.

“Upasna is a very warm person. She is very methodical and detail oriented. She has helped me to understand how to choose clothes based on personal appearance and professional requirements. I am still getting personal style and makeup tips from her which is very helpful. I think I have landed at the right place and my objective is met. I am very happy to have Upasna as my personal consultant.”

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