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“Dreams are not those which comes while we are sleeping, but dreams are those when u don’t sleep before fulfilling them.” ― A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Wings of Fire: An Autobiography

Yes, I have been relentless; grabbing every opportunity I got and kept going, giving myself a pat on the back and most importantly dreaming even today!

As a teenager, I was just another carefree girl who pursued Arts from Delhi University and spent time with friends. I was a voracious reader and was surrounded by books most of the times. But, at that time, little did I know that my hunger for knowledge would take me places, enhance my life and give me umpteen opportunities to groom and coach people as a career.

Vacations always give you a chance to pursue your dreams and explore the unknown. During one such vacation, I casually appeared for an interview for a flight attendant. After a series of interviews and tests, I was qualified – as a flight attendant – and before I could realise it, I was flying high! I worked in the airline industry for over a decade with renowned airlines like Cathay Pacific and Lufthansa German Airline.

They say travelling is the best form of education, and I agree! During the course of 10 years with airlines, I had a chance to visit different places across the globe, study different cultures, and converse with people from all walks of life, from different parts of the world. Looking back, I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in this world.

For me, it was an experience but for God, it was his master plan to gradually bring me here, where I stand today. Probably, as a flight attendant, I was building a strong foundation for my glorious future. And today, I am grateful to pursue a career, which I am so passionate about. My heartfelt gratitude to the Image Consulting Business Institute as it has been my backbone and now I run Magnolia Image Consulting, a company, which offers life-altering experiences!

When I started this business few years ago, there were very few who knew what image consulting meant, and fewer believed that such business could exist. But, having travelled extensively, I have comprehensive knowledge about people who are essentially same all over the world. We all want the same – success in our socialprofessional and personal lives.  I now work with people with tailor-made programs with a holistic approach, taking into consideration their lifestyle, roles, and goals. And the result is that people you are striving to impressengage or influence will take notice immediately. More importantly, you too will notice the impact or impression you make on those you interact with and that will make you feel great about yourself.

One of the most common question people ask me is: “Who are your clients?” My answer is always the same, “Anyone who wants to discover limitless potential!”

I strongly follow these lines by Seth Godin, American Best-selling author, and entrepreneur, “Many of us are taught to do our best and then let the world decide how to judge us. I think it’s better to do your best and decide how you want to be judged. And act that way.”

In a nutshell, the opportunity is nothing but being at the right place, at the right time and in the right hands. So, here you are… in Magnolia’s safe hands!

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