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Blast from the Past

I am a Computer Engineer with a few years of corporate experience. A mother of 2 adorable kids. I wanted to restart my career after a long break and started looking for various options. Getting into IT was the last option because of the stress and timings. I decided to shape my new career in the field that I was passionate about and the one that gave me ample work-life balance.

Then it all Changed

From childhood I always loved fashion and shopping. I was a big fan of the show “Trinny and Suzanna’s “What not to Wear”, used to wonder “how cool a job is this!” Never had a clue about Image Consulting. That’s when I stumbled upon ICBI’s advertisement on paper. And now here I am, a proud successful Image Consultant.

Conquering New Horizons

Now I train in various schools, colleges and corporations. I have conducted One on One Consultations for CEOs, CFOs and GMs of various companies. My clientele includes students, homemakers, researchers, entrepreneurs and CEOs. I have empowered many by bringing out the leader in them through my one of a kind “Evolve in Style” workshop. Having a passionate career where you empower leaders with utmost confidence and positive self-esteem is extremely fulfilling.

I am the Founder Director of Ever Preen Image Consulting, where we offer highly customised Image Management solutions to individuals, institutions and corporates.

Our Clients include FLEX, Rheinburke IT services, LTTS, Amway, ICICI, HSBC, Dynamic, 3M, Wedo etc…

I was invited as a speaker for the Visionary Women’s Conference and at Christ University, Lavasa. I’m proud that I been a trainer at ICBI Chennai for the past 6 years.

I felt accomplished to have organised and styled a thematic fashion show on “Evolution of Womanhood”- on different phases of women” for the WEDO -Visionary Women’s Circle Award ceremony. I have conducted a week long Certificate course on “Art of Dressing Better” for Holy Cross College, Nagercoil.

My #MoreThanAPayCheque moment

A CEO,of a start-up IT firm who hails from suburbs wanted an Image makeover. She had difficulty in dressing according to her new leadership role. Recently I met her in an entrepreneurial fair. I was elated when I saw her brimming with confidence, authority and dressed up elegantly with so much ease. She was so excited to see me and gave a live testimony in that event. I’ve been getting many one on one clients through her ever since.

Being an Image Consultant has offered me the freedom to choose: my work, time, clients, and spend quality time with my adorable kids, inspire people, pursue my bliss and hobbies and to get paid to go shopping ha ha ….and last but not the least to turn my passion into a career…

What more does a woman need?

Are you ready to follow your passion and create a true impact?

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