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I am 20 years old and an English graduate, currently pursuing MBA. I’m a montossorian and a story teller. Right from the start I preferred being an entrepreneur as I felt it gives much satisfaction and less stress however pressure on self to climb the ladders of success.

It was then, my mother, Dr. R. Gayathri, came across the advertisement by ICBI in the TOI newspaper. She was the one who joined ICBI initially to take up a course in Soft Skills and Train the Trainer program. Much impressed about the courses that ICBI offered she encouraged me to take up the entire business program offered by them. I did not hesitate because Image Consulting was a whole new word to me. 

I joined ICBI during the 2nd year of my Post Graduation. I wanted to know how the world of Image functions. It was then I came to know that Image is not what one sees as photographs but it is the lasting Impression that one creates by enhancing one’s self. Since then, ICBI has been giving me opportunities to prove myself as an entrepreneur. During the course of my study, I met many successful entrepreneurs who have been my great inspirers. Even before I could finish my course in ICBI, people approached me for consultations. I am proud of myself because at my age I stand ahead in my career compared to my peers. I have learnt a lot, experienced and experimented many new things at ICBI. Mom and I together did our courses there and are known as the mom-daughter throughout ICBI. She was indeed pleased with the guidance, work pattern and opportunities that ICBI provided and hence she wanted me to take up the business support too.

At every step, I was motivated for a better exposure so that there is no chance to look back and regret. ICBI has set a platform for me as a Soft Skills Trainer and an Image Consultant. It is because of ICBI, my dream to become an entrepreneur has been transcended. Never have I dreamt of being my own boss at a very young age. But ICBI has made me one. Thanks to ICBI for bringing my talents to the limelight by staying as a constant support through all my challenges as an entrepreneur.

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