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‘Build Brand-You before You build brands’! I swear by this tag line which I created for my own Image Consultancy brand ‘Your Image and I’. We are all busy using and building brands each day. From the first tea cup of the day to the electronic devices, clothes, cars, offices, coffee shops; everything in our lives is branded and we blindly surrender ourselves to brands that are talked about and used by the masses and elite alike.

While we are all branded from top to bottom each day of our lives, when it comes to building our own brand, we cringe, back out, state priority reasons or simply procrastinate.

About 3 years back, I was like many of us, uncertain about my future. My imagination shrunk at the thought of having a monotonous existence and a resultant average life of a regular office goer. But as destiny had its tryst with me, on a still calm Thursday afternoon, my eyes fell on a huge full-page ad in a leading newspaper of India. The advertisement seemed to poke me right into my face with sharp statements on Image, ExistencePersonality and Self amongst many other thought provoking statements.

I wasted not even a minute to call the Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI) and enquire about their offerings; and before I could realize, I was a part of this smoldering world of Image Management.

I had my first ‘Image Moment ‘when I entered my class on Day 1. Looking at all the different faces, varied experiences, and intriguing minds; I understood what diversity in education truly means. I was a part of a batch of aspiring Image Consultants from all walks of life with a single agenda to learn the concept of Self-Enhancement. I thoroughly enjoyed being a student for those 7-8 months after a gap of 4 years of completing my MBA. Being a management student with a specialization in Retail Marketing, I worked with several Fashion and FMCG companies before realizing my dream of becoming an individual and not just a person. I wanted to learn professionalism and not just be a professional. I wanted to contrive a self-development plan before becoming a pseudo manager to run departments. And I knew I would get it all once I became an Image Consultant.

Initially the name Image Consultant sounded fancy, flowery and glossy to me, with a wish to have all others perceive it similarly. But I just had to become a functional Image Consultant to realize that my job was nothing less than that of a doctor, teacher, guru or a guide. The onus I felt and continue to feel of improving lives is spine chilling, but extremely fulfilling. I learnt how being one’s own boss is so challenging. You never really get enough of yourself, you forget how to pat your back, and you suddenly start feeling an insatiable desire of accomplishment from yourself. But you also learn to become more humane, more receiving, non-judgemental and rational.

With perseverance and inner strength, I have been practicing as a certified Image and Communication Coach for 2+ years in Delhi, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore. No client goes dissatisfied as I strive for the most accurate results for each one of them. I mainly focus on Individual Coaching serving profiles of DoctorsProfessionalsTeachersTrainersEntrepreneursNutritionistsLawyersStudentsHome makers, Company Directors amongst many others. I also conduct Corporate Training and Workshops for some of the most popular national and international companies.

I see myself fall and grow each day with grace by simply striking a balance between my inner and outer image. That’s what Image Management has taught me.

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