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Blast from the Past

Be persistently passionate in whatever you do
Do not say it; just do it
Do not do it; just prove it
Your consistent efforts will lead you to your desired results.

Being in the hospitality sector and owning the biggest Mediterranean restaurant in Chennai was my most aspired dream career. After running this for 2 years we decided to shut down due to some unavoidable circumstances. A break, a sabbatical, a period of rest from work and career was much needed.

Sometimes a break from serious work can help you understand where your real potential lies. Now was the time for me to unleash my real potential and today as I look back, I realise that there are no failures, no mistakes in life. There are no bad choices, there are only new beginnings. You cannot start the next chapter of life if you keep re-reading the last one.

Then it all Changed

Enrolling in the Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training course with ICBI gave me wings to fly so that I could shed all my inhibitions, with new conviction and an upsurge of confidence. The course offered a learning environment which was conducive, comfortable and convenient for upgrading my skills. Image management gave me insights into the language of clothing, decoding it with messages attached to every clothing piece. The Style Scale makes your task so much easier by telling you what to wear for different occasions according to your roles and goals.

While Studying the modules under certified trainers, my interactive skills were polished leading to better career prospects and job performance. These skills and personal attributes enabled me to interact harmoniously with other people by “walking the talk.” By mastering these skills first, I became my own painter who combined all the elements and sub-elements of visual communication harmoniously to create the New Me.

Conquering New Horizons

The journey from being an Image Consultant to be an Imaginative Image Imagineer, a Personality coach, a writer and a public speaker has been quite an enthralling one which urged me to break the stereotypical image of an Image Consultant. As I look back in fanciful reverie, it’s like a dream taking the form of reality. My life changing experience with over 300 clients through one on one consulting has changed the way I perceive myself and the way others respond after my changed perception. I give myself a big pat today as I change people’s perception about clothing when they would vehemently retort, “Clothes do not matter” to accepting the fact that there are hints about who you are in the kind of clothing choices you make. Changing the attitudes and perception of people in Chennai about dressing and grooming looks like a big achievement today.

Joining VIMONISHA as a personality coach, working with fashion stylists in Chennai, Corporate training assignments with eminent companies, writing and blogging has redefined me as a person.

Today I am independently rowing my own boat under the banner: NOVUS which has been featured in the magazines called Wedding Vows and Womanation and got media coverage in The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle and The Times of India.

My #MoreThanAPayCheque moment

One of my client overwhelmingly said, “I have learnt that you do not have to be size zero to look good. Women need to be less judgemental and harsh on themselves by learning the fine art of Dressing up. Now I can call myself an artist in the making.” This was a moment for me which made me feel great. Another such euphoric moment after a public address was when a gentleman came up to me and complimented me on my style of addressing the audience. He said, “You are a crowd puller, a people’s person and a great conversationalist. There was not a single dull moment today.”

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