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Image Consulting Business Institute

ICBI’s complete insights on the training business not only helped me polish my skills, but also helped me land a position at Bennett Coleman and Company Limited, (commonly known as The Times Group) as Senior Manager, HR and L&D – responsible for training their sales and marketing staff.

While doing my Image Consulting & Soft Skills Training course at ICBI, I began doing training stints at various corporates and started implementing my curriculum learning. This helped improve my training skills with each passing day. It is commonly said that “practice makes a man perfect.”

I finally reached a stage wherein I got an opportunity to present myself to the senior management of Bennett Coleman and Company – it felt relatively simple to capitalise on such a huge opportunity.

I would like to thank ICBI and its trainers for continually motivating me to reach this stage.

As I step into a new phase of life, I take with me a bunch of memories, experiences and learning from the time I spent at ICBI. These 7 months also taught me a very important aspect viz. “Allow your passion to become your purpose and it will one day become your profession.”

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