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Blast from the Past

An Engineer with an industry experience of more than 10 years but struggling to strike a balance between family and work. I wanted to break free from the monotony in jobs, do something more interesting, use my creative abilities and have something more flexible.

Then it all Changed

I was reading an article where I came across Image Consulting as a career option. I was extremely inquisitive as I believe good presentation of one’s self gives an edge over others both in personal and professional lives. There was no second thought in my mind and I knew this was my calling. It gave me a platform to use my creativity and skills along with a lot of flexibility. Image Consulting is a complete experiential learning process. Each concept in the course is beautifully designed and has deeper insights. The application starts with you first. Post completion I was a transformed person who was extremely passionate with a go getter spirit, high on self-esteem and confidence, dreams in eyes with a belief of making a difference in lives of people. ICBI gave me the wings to fly and achieve my aspirations.

Conquering New Horizons

In a span of almost 5 wonderful years of Image Consulting career, I have trained more than 4000 people in India and Malaysia from diverse backgrounds through employee branding, corporate training, group coaching, open workshops and one on one consulting. I have trained diverse groups in Retail, Entertainment, Finance, Hospitality, IT, Aviation, Education, Start-ups and CSR activities. I have guided top corporate executives, professionals, students, individuals and companies. I also conduct various sessions in Marathi on Image Management and soft skills. I play various roles in my professional life from being an Image Consultant, an Employee Branding Coach, a Career Management coach, Retail Expert and a Corporate Trainer. I am also associated with Arvind Lifestyle Brands and working with them closely on various key projects. I am a visiting faculty with ITM institutions on Career Management for MBA students and a Grooming and Styling Expert with INOX movies for their premium segment INSIGNIA. I have designed my own signature workshops like “Brand ME”, “Power of 5”, “Project A Winning Image”, “The New You”, “Summer Camps” providing image solutions for men and women, young adults and kids. I have also held the position of National Head Learning & Development for Image Management Professionals Association (IMPA).

My #MoreThanAPayCheque moment

An MBA student who, after getting rejected in 6 interviews attended my sessions on how to face personal interviews and group discussion. Post that the candidate got placed in a renowned company with the desired remuneration. I received a thank you email for the guidance I provided which helped him to crack the interview. His career and my day was made. This is the kind of change I wish to make in every client’s life.

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