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Blast from the Past

Right after I completed my graduation in Fashion design and commerce, I started working as an independent Fashion Designer. While working as a designer, I knew one thing that I did not want to give the client a design only because it was the latest trend, or it was worn by a celebrity because I knew it wouldn’t always work for them in terms of body shape and colour. And without a formal education in those technicalities, it was a challenge to understand and explain to the client of why and how it wouldn’t work for them. Two years into my career as a designer, I started feeling the need to learn more about the technical aspect of clothing.

Then it all Changed

I came across ICBI’s advertisement about courses in Image Consulting and after enquiring I realised this is exactly what I have been looking for. And the fact that I could not only dress my client in one outfit but also create an entire wardrobe to make them look and feel confident was the best motivation! Thus, I started my journey as a student at ICBI. The course turned out to be an eye opener for me as I realised the hidden skills and abilities in myself. Through the course I also groomed myself and realised that your appearance is not just vanity but so much more than that!

I was a transformed from inside out!

Conquering New Horizons

The four-year journey of being an Image Consultant has not only given me professional but also personal growth in all spheres. Being one of the youngest practicing consultants in India, brought with it a lot of challenges. However, all those challenges were worth it as they have shaped my career beautifully. The beauty of my profession is that each day is different ranging from individual clients to corporate trainings to training aspiring Image Consultants at ICBI. My profession has given me the opportunity to coach speakers of TEDx Youth to young participants of Master & Missy Pune to senior participants of Mrs. Maharashtra and senior management of top companies in India and being a stylist for India’s premier online styling and shopping brand.

I couldn’t have asked for a more fulfilling profession because the joy of helping people build and transform their lives is unmatchable!

My #MoreThanAPayCheque moment

When two sisters of marriageable came to me with their father asking me to groom and motivate them to present themselves to the best of their ability, so that they are confident to meet prospective grooms. During the consulting sessions, they not only started looking at themselves from a different perspective but also started realizing the goals they wanted to achieve in their lives. I received a message from the father 8 months later saying that one of them was engaged and the other had started her own jewelry business. He was extremely thankful, and I realized that I was touching lives in different ways altogether and this is worth more than any pay cheque.

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