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We are all here on this earth for a purpose, but when we find purpose in what we do, we are truly blessed. That is exactly what Image Consulting did for me. It was the beginning of my journey of touching so many lives in a positive way. Guiding clients to seek the ‘Power‘ to enhance their personal and professional Image and see their confidence rise to capture new heights in their life is magical! It is almost like painting a 3-dimensional human canvas with lines, shapes, colors, textures and patterns, and see it come alive in perfect balance and harmony.

In my 25 years of experience being a Style ConsultantFashion and Interior Designer/ Window display artist, I found a culmination of all my areas of study on becoming an Image Consultant.

  • With 50,000 hours of training in soft skills and Image related topics at all levels, from CEO’s to office helpers, in India and overseas, I am enjoying the growth.
  • One on one Consulting for distinguished individuals and celebrities
  • Window dressing for some of the top brands of the country.
  • Corporate Imaging and Uniform Styling.
  • Training students at school and graduate level to prepare for college or their first job.
  • Individuals aiming for personal growth.
  • Working with NGO’s to enhance the image of drivers, lady chauffeurs, social workers through a programme called ‘Hunar Se Rozgaar’.

It is truly an on going journey, which puts a satisfied smile on my face. Thank you ICBI!

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