Rashi Herani | ICBI

Image Consulting Business Institute

Appearance is what matters, first impression is the last impression…we grew up with these proverbs around. Wondering what makes the first impression look good got me to join the hair & styling industry.

After honing hairstyling skills at L’Oreal and training with the best in the industry I started doing hairdos and makeovers at Hakims Aalim, having catered to couple of well-known celebrities. Indreus International, an Italy based company launched its hair care range Framesi with me being their hair technician, educating salons & hairstylists across the country. Beyond studying and understanding the hair from its root to tip, I am now a Hair Stylist & Consultant at Asif, the salon.

For me, at 20 years of age, that was just not enough. I wanted to be able to do something in addition to what I was already doing. A hairdo could very well change the way a person looked but I was seeking for more, and it so happened that ICBI sprouted in India as the brand new industry.

Learning with the pioneers of trade got me to understand that all of us in all ways are working on our image. We are all born with skills that enhance our personality, but lack of presentation is what backtracks us and our skills remain hidden to this world. Believe what you see is again something learnt earlier in the day, Make Believe what you show is what I understand. I want to help clients to present their talents in ways where they will be heard, seen and hence perceived!

Today, I am able to do more and help more people. By combining my skills and knowledge, I am enhancing the skills and personality of people from different walks of life. I do all this on my terms.

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