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Blast from the Past

Born & schooled in a culturally rich city- Kolkata was an experience which made me a high spirited, believing and chasing dreams. However dreams changed with age and place & influence of friends and parents. As I moved to Jaipur dreams got more shaped of doing a business. Never could get the confidence though. Hungry to be independent, finished my Post Graduate education in Business Management and started to work as a banking and financial consultant for 12 yrs.

Life took a twist and added further dimensions of working, being a wife, a daughter in law, sister in law & mother. It made me stable and yet liberated. However, it had its ups and downs which brought lot of anxiety, stress, instability, loss of work life balance and the question about meaning of life.

Then it all Changed

I was low and trying to get reins of my life back, I came across ICBI’s offering of a second career innings- Image Consulting and Soft skills training. A 360* turn in my life began. My hunger to find my life journey started to enfold and there has been no looking back since then. Meeting like-minded people, all striving for excellence and hunger to bring out their true potential. I found my passion. A new day every day and a new learning with new challenges and new solutions.

I became a professional artist who manages perceptions of people about you. Started consulting, training & Coaching people to achieve their goals in life. I believe, managing change is inevitable and the constant process of our life. So one should always keep upgrading their skill sets.

Conquering New Horizons

From starting out as a student of ICBI to assessing students in ICBI to training students of ICBI and mentoring and guiding them has helped me to enhance & discipline myself and others. This Passion about training, facilitating & coaching helped in creating difference in the lives of people & organizations in the BFSI sector, telecom industry, manufacturing companies & institutes matured me with the richness of change management, interpersonal relationship, managing customer relationship, business communication, etiquette and result orientation.

I am a Corporate Trainer, Facilitator & Executive Coach and have worked with over 30 companies to implement cultural transformation, team building & people development.

I do Coaching for young leaders on managing their Image and soft skills development for performance and productivity.

I am also a visiting faculty at various education institutes for business communication, personal & professional development & soft skills.

My #MoreThanAPayCheque moment

I recently did a workshop for two months with the youth of India into financial sector, a program based on CSR activity. I worked closely on developing them on personal and professional front. An amazing experience which brought lot of energy, enthusiasm & fun while learning. The adulation, respect and love extended was breathtaking and very emotional. I felt like a star and responsible towards their growth. And was humbled with the thought of the difference I am creating in the lives of our today’s youth.

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