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Blast from the Past

I was content with my full-time corporate job as an in-house Trainer with a renowned pharmaceutical company in the state. Though any profession comes with its set of challenges, I enjoyed this full-time job probably because I was doing what I loved doing- Trainings. Then came my marriage! Yes, and then it all changed for the better. I and my husband were very clear on maintaining a balanced life with respect to our personal and professional lives. With a full-time job with increased official tours and extended working hours, this vision wasn’t going to come real.

Then it all Changed

Right then ICBI happened! Choosing to become an Image Consultant opened different avenues for me as a professional. The extensive and technical tools and extended support from ICBI helped me transform my Image inside out. Not only this but with the right application, experience, professional guidance from ICBI and persistence today I feel fortunate to bring a pronounced transformation in my client’s lives.

Conquering New Horizons

Image Consulting as a career has expanded my horizons professionally. While in the corporate job I was restricted to a set of training modules, sky is the limit in this industry. Right from delivering successful workshop in different sectors like Corporate, Retails, Educational Institutes, Media, Hospitality to coaching individuals from age 12-75 on different aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication, I have trained more than 5000 participants. I am also a Training Director with BNI – Business Network International (world’s largest networking organization), Ahmedabad. Recently I was felicitated with the Best Training Director award at BNI Symposium, 2018.

My #MoreThanAPayCheque moment

I regularly visit one of the best universities to conduct Image Management workshops for their management students. This particular batch consisted of more than 150 students, so individual feedback along with monitoring its after-effects was challenging. However, from a trainer’s point of view it was a good assignment. Few months later I met a fellow Image Consultant at the ICBI center and she walked up to me and said that her daughter was in one of the batches. She shared that her daughter was so moved and inspired by the different concepts learnt that she was able to replicate and explain almost all concepts to her entire family. And that was a “Wow” moment for me, because I was completely unaware of the impact it had made on students! Such instances make my work more worthwhile. Truly grateful.

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