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Image Consulting Business Institute

A graduate in life sciences from Miranda House (D.U.) and post graduate in HRM, I always wanted to have a satisfying career, not just a well -paying job, a regular 9 to 5 job was monotonous and limiting with a set of listed job responsibilities.

Through my experience in the corporate world, I realized that how crucial it is to manage your image well if you want to move up the ladder of success. Networking events, board meetings, staff meetings, client lunches, social galas – you are seen in a lot of places, important events where you are presenting ideas, persuading others and making an impression. The impression you leave behind either enhances or elevates your position or it takes it down a notch or two, it’s never neutral- each interaction either serves your goals or takes you further away from them. I witnessed numerous instances where individuals underachieved just because their image was inconsistent with the job requirement or their own capabilities. I learnt that it is vital to be able to project yourself with confidence in your abilities.

Becoming an image consultant was like an unsaid wish being granted. What started as a curious endeavor of self-enhancement led to discover MYSELF and changed my life forever. ICBI acted as a ‘ CATALYST ’ in my life & Now, I bring the positive change in peoples’ lives, being their catalyst of change at ‘ IMAGE CATALYST ’.

Today, as an Image Consultantinternationally certified Business Communication & Etiquette trainer, I work with people from all walks of life. Nothing can be more challenging and satisfying than using your experience and expertise to add value and assist people in attaining their personal and professional goals.

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