Nicola Bhardwaj | ICBI

Image Consulting Business Institute

Like for every other woman, life came to me in phases.  9 years of corporate culture, 7 years to raise my children and now in my 4th year as an image change agent.

I realized early that we Indians are much like Ayurveda, very strong in content, fabulous as a product but only if and when discovered. Image Master –   Judith Rasband says that the way you look has a direct effect on the way you think, feel, act and behave and then on the way the world reacts and responds to you. There is so much truth in that one statement that I feel compelled to getting more and more people to look, feel and act in accordance with their roles.  Looking the part does add tremendous momentum to achieving success.

Now with more and more success stories mushrooming, this dream to see us Indians less as just domain experts and more as dynamic players in the world market is all set to come true.

Remember always that ‘People treat you the way they see you’.

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