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“ Small town is not a barrier to your career” — NANCY KATYAL

From earning a gold medal in graduation, to a high-paying corporate job, what ultimately gave me satisfaction was the positive shift I could bring in other people’s lives. I realized that once we bring inner shift in oneself, it merely reflects outsides and your charisma shines. It gives me immense satisfaction to see my clients grow in their personal and professional lives by Unleashing their untapped potential and move to the next level in their careers.

Growing up in the small town of Karnal, Haryana – I have been a witness to many stories of people securing fantastic grades, moving to big cities in pursuit of a job, working hard and still not getting the recognition they desire. From my first job with a leading bank to running my own venture, I have been observing a flawed assumption, that – ‘it is ONLY your talent and hard skills that bear testimonial to who you are’. This is an ingrained assumption in many of us, but the fact is that it is losing relevance in every modern day job. This assumption drives your focus on the hard skills of the job at hand and not so much on the life skills. Several researches show that it is soft skills, along with your technical skills that take you to the road of success.

My career has enabled me to touch millions of lives in various proximities through my venture by facilitating my signature programs like Executive Presence, Building Charismatic Presence, Communicate to connect, Critical thinking and Decision Making and Leading with Impact with Fortune 500 companies, leading corporate giants, celebrities, CEO’s and also through One on One coaching engagements. As a Visiting faculty at top B-schools like IIM & MIT, I get an opportunity to nurture leaders of tomorrow and the entire experience is very fulfilling.
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