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“ Small town is not a barrier to your career” — NANCY KATYAL

From earning a gold medal in graduation, to a high-paying corporate job, what ultimately gave me satisfaction was the positive change I could bring in other people’s lives. I realized that once the image of oneself changes it merely reflects in everyone else’s. In a nutshell, I am an ‘image consultant’

Growing up in the small town of Karnal, Haryana – I have been a witness to many stories of people securing fantastic grades, moving to big cities in pursuit of a job, working hard and still not getting the recognition they desire. From my first job with a leading bank to running my own venture, I have been observing a flawed assumption, that – ‘it is ONLY your talent and hard skills that bear testimonial to who you are’. This is an ingrained assumption in many of us, but the fact is that it is losing relevance in every modern day job. This assumption drives your focus on the hard skills of the job at hand and not so much on the life skills.

Despite securing a gold medal in graduation I tasted success by building myself inside with a little guidance from my mentors who often remarked – ‘ it is the soft skills, along with the hard skills that take you to the road of success’. These skills are highly underrated in our education system but hugely required in corporate or business ventures, given the undying pressure of having to prove oneself.

With time, I have learnt the value of life skills that provides a soft push in the hardest hours, and couldn’t help but share the same with all of you.

 I left my corporate job to acquire the art of storytelling and understand why some professional managers are able to convey their message effectively and inspire others. A charisma that comes with the amalgamation of body languagecommunicationattireetiquette, and wit is the bare essential, which would take you to the proverbial destination. Needless to say that it is highly imperative to align your image to what you desire.

My career has enabled me to touch multiple lives in various proximities through my Image Consultancy venture The volley of exchange in learning helps us grow mutually – a change in you brings a change in others and the chain of change continues till a new change is better replaced and therein lays my satisfaction. Being an inspiration for anyone and anywhere who wonder, do I have it in me?

Image Consulting is a profession, where people from all walks of lives can benefit no matter what age group you belong to. Being an inspiration is the very measure of a man. Remember to always validate your assumptions in time to course correct your actions before it is too late.

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