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I am 18 years of age and studying in college. I came across Image Consulting by chance and when I researched more I stumbled upon ICBI and went to their website. I found the whole thing really exciting. I decided to join the business program and have started about 2 months back. I am finding the whole experience great and I am coming to know about small details which I never noticed before and I now realize that clothing, Image, impressions are so vital for success in each walk of life for every individual. However we tend to neglect them so easily.

In the course of deciding to join the program I met Suman Agarwal and her whole personality was so enchanting that I felt that I must do this and nothing else. I also realized that Judith Rasband, Curriculm partner of ICBI and Suman Agarwal, Director of ICBI are also the world’s number 1 and Indian Sub-continent number 1 Image Consultants respectively and that gave me a lot of security in my mind. I mean how many institutes in any field can boast of a subject matter expertise of this level?

I feel that it is a privilege to be an Image Consultant. This is one of the only professions wherein your success is measured by how many you help become successful. You script your success story by helping others achieve their dreams. I find it noble. I am really excited about helping people bring out their uniqueness and stand apart in a crowd.

Another thing that excited me about Image Consulting was that success here does not depend upon academic excellence and at the same time it does not restrict me to go in one particular direction. I can choose to do styling work, or group training. I can choose to do personal shopping assignments or teach etiquette and soft skills to children and students. I can choose whom I want to work with and when. If I want to take up a job for some time that option is also open for me. Most other fields give you one stagnated option and that is the biggest difference with Image Consulting and one of the primary reasons I chose it.

I have started off at a young age and I am sure that by the time I am 22 or 23, I will be far more established with financial freedom much more than many of my friends who have decided to the way of traditional careers.

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