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At B Suave Image Consultancy there is essentially an aura of sharing good knowledge. We aspire to inspire you to embrace your inner supermodel and fly as high as your wings can carry. We will assist you with all our sincere guidance in creating an effective personal and professional image so that you may benefit in kind with increased confidence, credibility and social value. There are self-presentation skills and social kinesics that will help you nail your point home at every meeting.

Heard the saying “Teach a person to fish you feed him for a lifetime.” B Suave Image Consultancy aims to teach and empower you with the knowledge of commissioning your corporate or self image to emanate an impression serving your best advantage every time. It is easy to take control of how people perceive you – mere permutations can project you as a confident leader, an inspirer, a boss, a capable candidate, an efficient worker, a trustworthy colleague, a fun loving friend, a comfortable socialite, an ambitious competitor etc. or otherwise. The science is uncomplicated and the art fascinating.

There is seldom something more exhilarating than taking control of your life and leading it where you want it to go. Eddie Robinson said “The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” It helps if someone holds your hand along the way.

At B Suave Image Consultancy our clients get the highest quality of professional advice and guidance in utmost confidentiality. We undertake projects on short term and long term basis. There is continued hand holding and appraisals until the client is self-reliant in the matters of self-promotion and self-branding. Corporate clients benefit from establishing clear hierarchical working systems, improved professionalism in work place, increased employee confidence and capability and therefore increased productivity and finally enhanced market value of the company as a whole.

Being Suave, elegant and charismatic is no more a privilege of a few. It is a learnt art that can be invoked to give you a winning, dynamic charm.

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