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You can’t label yourself with words, it is what you do every day that defines you.”  A wise woman once said.

Then being an Image Consultant truly defines me

Today I find myself getting up in the morning a looking forward to the wonderfully fulfilling day. My day is filled up with lots of hard work, some grinding research, some serious walking for shopping and identifying new things, some intense thought process on how to enhance a client’s image, working with some wonderful people and above all satisfaction of seeing the benefits of the transformation of people.

The day I am training is filled with different kind of anxiety and excitement. All the wonderful learners who sit with me give me so much in return. They ask me insightful questions, which tickle my brain to no end. At the end of the session when I see their eyes filled with admiration and hope, I know I have fulfilled my dream.

This wonderful journey started the day I enrolled into Image consultancy course, or maybe it started the day I first shopped for someone in my family.

I am proud to say I have been born and brought up in Mumbai. However for the last 2 decades.

I have lived in West Africa and have been fortunate enough to travel the Globe and across the seven seas..Every time I travelled. it made me realize that people of all Nationalities, colors shapes and sizes look good… only when they were dressed impeccably and are groomed well.

The last few years I have been searching for something, which would fulfill my wish to be recognized as an individual.In that quest, I found and zeroed on Image consultancy though I may call it by another name.

I became aware of names like Judith Rasband.

Sometimes in this February sitting in my Mumbai home, I came across this advert, which leads me to ICBI and my dream was about to come true.

I read about empowerment of woman every day in all the medias, I feel truly blessed when I find myself empowered to transform lives. Imagine I am being paid for my opinions and thought process. When I see a satisfied client and he/she sends me their pictures of truly well dressed and confident people I feel I am ten feet tall.

If surrounded by beauty and harmony makes oneself beautiful, then I am gorgeous. Every day I seek perfection and harmony in Visual appearance for myself and for people who seek my opinions.

Imagine being effortlessly picture perfect every day. Effortless is not true thought. It’s exhausting and serious hard work. If I used sleep peacefully before I sleep like a baby today.

When I look at the wonderfully enthralling journey, which I hope continues till I exist on this earth, what is it that ICBI has given me the utmost apart confidence, renewed hope, and faith in myself, self-satisfaction? I think some wonderful new friends and colleagues. Today I meet new people almost every second day, I don’t pay for it, in turn, get paid.

Meeting people is interesting and being amongst like minded people is Soul satisfying.

George Bernard Shaw said,“Life isn’t about finding yourself but creating yourself, I say, ”In creating myself and others, I have found myself”

The most important fact, which I discovered through my journey so far is – Take what God has given you; the height, weight, and personality. Dress and groom, and communicate well. Stay focused, never stop learning, live a healthy life. Have a positive attitude and above all a warm heart.

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