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Blast from the Past

Born and brought up in a Marwari family, I got married early. But there was this burning desire to do something of my own and with the support of my family, I started a pre-primary school in association with GMS and successfully ran it for 13 years. But I was not satisfied, and I wanted to tap the other talents I knew I possessed. I soon realized that to achieve bigger goals in life I will have to sacrifice something.

Then it all Changed

I heard about ‘Image Consultancy’ as a career option through a friend at a college reunion. I was immediately smitten by it as I had all the qualities needed for the profession. I finally took a risk, shut down the school, and explored Image Consulting full time and there was no looking back.

Image Consultancy gave me a platform to express my talent and creativity to the fullest. With a world-class curriculum and efficient trainers, I could mould the topics to cater to the needs of people from all walks of life.

I always believed in, “Pehle darshan dhari, baad mein goon vichaari.”
This is my mantra. It signifies that the first impression of the projected image is of utmost importance. It is only when the image is acceptable that we explore further to look for other qualities in the person.

After equipping myself with soft skills training and Image course from ICBI, I started conducting huge seminars where my leadership skills flourished and helped me inspire and motivate others. I helped people manage their image in terms of appearance, behaviour, communication and digital footprint so that they always project a Winning Image.

Conquering New Horizons

I am now living my dream as a Image Consultant, with many achievements to my credit. I have become a role model now for the people in my community and I get invited as a chief guest at many events.

My training portfolio includes doctors, lawyers, fashion designers, jewellery designers, teachers, HR professionals, media, public relation officers, CEOs of top companies, students, homemakers, NGO heads, corporate employees and people from all diverse backgrounds.

  • In a span of five years I have trained more than 5,000 people through group coaching, one-on-one consulting, corporate training, conducting seminars and open workshops for huge crowds and by dressing and styling them.
  • Featured for my work as an Image Consultant in Femina, Chitralekha, KDO World Magazine, Janmabhoomi newspaper, CNBC TV, Gujarati Newspaper, Pune, Gujarmath and more.
  • I was also the Chief Guest along with Miss India, Gail DaSilva at an event.
  • Was invited by Moms of India group (a social media community of more than one lakh people) along with Mrs Asia Tanvi Sawant and TV Star Manu Punjabi to be in a panel of judges for the fashion show.
  • A full-page article was dedicated to me in Chitralekha for creating awareness among women on the importance of wearing correct Inner Wear (Lingerie).
  • Hosted an event where movie star Priyanka Chopra was the chief guest.
  • I am currently a visiting faculty at International Society of Fashion Technology, Kashida Institute Of Fashion, Indian Institute of Gems and Jewellery, NL College and GES.

My #MoreThanAPayCheque moment

Recently I was invited by an NGO to train their girls on dressing and grooming after which the girls presented me beautiful handmade ‘Thank You’ cards. They also pleaded with me to come again and train them which brought tears in my eyes.

I have now become a catalyst as I have the good fortune to be friend and confidante while assisting people and guiding them to happiness and success.

I firmly believe that doing well always comes around. The proper instruction of melding the “art of science”, – an individual’s unique way of carrying out work systematically and the “science of art”- the methodology to organise and execute instructions properly, helps to face struggle head-on and surmounts and succeeds beyond odds.

This is what galvanises my work strategy toward all clients.

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