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I love the word ‘Discoverer’ more than a consultant. I guide individuals and teams to discover who they are. And in every journey that I have undertaken with another person, I have discovered more about myself.

So when I am building a Personal brand, I use all that I have learnt over the years. Being a Masters Degree holder in Science made me, use my intellect & reasoning skills, when needed, during the making of a new Image for a client. The days spent learning Mass Communication at the University honed by knowledge about rules in the world of Communication.

The dots connected perfectly when I learnt at ICBI how to build and manage a Personal Brand. And then my professional title became Image Consultant or Personal Branding Consultant.

In contrast to traditional Fashion stylists, I do not just talk about clothes or make-up, I delve deeper. Being the Indian that I am, I needed to know beyond the clothing preferences of my clients to build an authentic, appropriate and attractive personal brand. So I use a blend of BiologyAnatomy,  Energy SciencesPsychologyCommunication methodologies and the familiarity with the culture of India to discover the hidden motivation that guides people, in the way they want to present themselves – SociallyProfessionally and Personally.

Drawing on my academic background in Science, Mass Communication and Image Management, including work on Indian methods of People Management & study of Bio-energy, and over 20 years of experience working with leading Indian companies, I have learnt & designed a unique approach to Image management. I dwell on the mind of the individual first and then go to the body and appearance. So thoughts, feelings, intellect, education, expertise, skills, personality traits, anatomy, body shape, personal style, aesthetics, cultural background – every dimension of the person helps me crack the code that will enhance his Personal brand.

I love the way every new client makes me wear new glasses on how I view the world. It has helped me correct my internal GPS when I have doubted my abilities in providing the right direction. The passion that drives me to unlock new gateways for an individual, by first creating awareness of themselves and then showcasing their true identity, to the world via VisualVerbal and Vocal communication is what steers my career. For me, that is the game changer!

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