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My journey as an Image Consultant has been wonderful. I cherish not only the changes I have experienced in myself, but also that I am able to change other’s lives for the better, which is a gratifying experience. I started at 21 and soon started taking sessions at various places as an Image Consultant, one of which was at the Rotary Club, Jaipur South. I was told that the average age of the audience was 55. Though I was a little nervous but the confidence that I had as an Image Consultant because of ICBI and its trainers helped me conduct it as a professional. I felt like a celebrity for the first time. People were vying for my time for even a couple of minutes & that was exhilarating.

In their newsletter they had an article written on me with a few pictures. That turned my life around 360 degrees, for the better. After seeing that newsletter, my father got many congratulatory calls. He felt so proud. However, one of the calls was different. The gentleman said that they saw the article in the newsletter and wanted to meet me for something very important.

The gentleman then, is now my father-in-law who was so impressed by the article that he wanted me as his daughter-in-law. The thoughts that were expressed in the article, the feedback he got from the secretary of the club about me and the presentation itself made them feel as if they just got the perfect combination they were seeking in a girl. My now-husband is a mechanical engineer from IIT Kanpur and a successful entrepreneur in jewellery e-commerce in Jaipur. As a homely girl who also knew the corporate world as well made perfect sense to them.  And then being an Image Consultant helped me create a place for myself in a business family like ours, where 9-5 regular jobs are not feasible.

And the rest is history. In all of this, Image Consulting played a very crucial role in not just my professional life but my personal life as well.

I am still continuing with my profession as an Image Consultant and now making not just one, but two families proud of me.

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