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One right decison can change your entire life

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting”- Paulo Coelho

My story has become interesting because I am already living my childhood dream and this is just the beginning.

To be very honest, as a child I always dreamt of being a celebrity. I wanted to be on stage, on camera and anywhere I can talk to the masses. But it was not an easy dream.

Coming from a traditional business family, I was not allowed to go out to study in a different city or a country and hence I had to find something that helped me achieve my dreams in my city, Jaipur itself. That’s where the exploration began.

EUREKA!! I found a profession called Image Consulting.

For me joining a course to become an Image Consultant had been that defining step which not only made me what I always wanted to be, but also gave me a clear path of how and what I can do with my available resources.

Starting from having my picture along with my father published on page 3 of Jaipur Times soon after I joined the course (made him happy about the course), to giving me the opportunity to be a trainer at the age of 22 (giving me the stage, I always wanted), to be on the national television as a guest speaker(DREAM) at the age the 24!! It made it all happen.

I had always been suffering from a very poor body image from a very young age and all my friends and relatives kept talking about my height being short and suggesting various ways to increase it. These things instead of helping, made me so conscious that my confidence went very low. I wanted to wear heels whenever and wherever I went. After joining the Image Consulting course, my trainers really helped me in getting out from a poor body Image issue and made me realize that It’s not the “only” thing that matters and it’s not that bad. Now it’s so gratifying when I do the same for my clients.

This course has also given me something that will remain with me for the lifetime. It was a very funny story of how my now father-in-law saw me in one of my events at Rotary Club as a guest speaker and contacted my parents for marriage proposal for his son.

Now I am happily married to the guy of my dreams who is an IIT Kanpur alumnus making his mark with his Online Jewellery portal “JEWELOVE”. Again, it’s a matter of utter satisfaction that I can help my husband with branding and image building of our own brand and see it grow together.

The fact that I can enjoy my social life as well as my professional life without sacrificing on our personal time is a bliss. By just working few hours a day I am able build a brand for myself, I can help people around me, earn well and live a life that I always dreamt about.

The perks of being an image consultant are amazing.

  1. Shopping and Makeup (every girl’s best friend) is something I do for my living.
  2. I work when I want and on my terms without any time constraint.
  3. It’s a very fulfilling job, you not only help others feel better but also help them live a happier life.
  4. Life is no more monotonous as every day is a new day with a different client and their different needs.
  5. Ample growth opportunities.
  6. You can easily combine your other passions with your work. I am also a youtuber, food blogger, travel blogger, theatre artist and a home maker too.

Most importantly, it’s just the beginning and a step towards even bigger dreams coming true.

About the author: Starting at the age of 21, Khushboo became one of the youngest certified Image Consultants in the world. She offers complete image makeovers for women of all age groups and helps them build a confident personality. She conducts special courses for marriage ready girls, which help them adjust in the new phase of their lives with ease. She also provides customized packages for trouble free personal-shopping experience in Jaipur which helps clients from all over India to save their time, energy and money while shopping in Jaipur.Marriage-ready courses for women, assistance for personal/wedding shopping in Jaipur, natural makeup & complete make-over courses are Khushboo’s area of expertise. With experience in theatre, she also helps clients come out of their stage fear, sharpen their public speaking skills and improve personal communication.

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