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Blast from the Past

A successful and rewarding career of my choice in training and development, never ending support from family, a handsome salary package and hence a typically well settled life as you all would feel, is what I had before I made a choice to be a part of Image management task force.

However, this choice was a result of a lot of juggling that I was experiencing with new roles and challenges of a higher designation at work clubbed with being a new mom. And somewhere the feeling of not ‘having it all’ was so persistent that I was bound to look outside and identify the missing block in the puzzle.

Having it all for me meant planting seeds for my future vision of being able to earn a distinction in society, after earning it at my workplace. To honor me with what matters to me while also being present , involved and engaged with my son, my family , my friends and society in a way that is both gratifying and fulfilling.

Then it all Changed

During my discussion with one of my colleagues, I came to know of her friend, an Image Consultant from Mumbai. I was immediately won over by the concept however was little disappointed as ICBI did not have its branch in Jaipur. Believe you me it was like a wish come true when within a month of making my decision, I heard of ICBI’s launch in the city. And here I was, amongst the first couple of people to enroll.

ICBI paved the ways for me to touch as many lives as I Ionged for, both at individual and corporate levels. It was add-on to my passion of training and development, which I was already pursuing for 11 years. It wasn’t easy after quitting a flourishing career and to start from scratch. However I was all set for the new adventurous voyage of transforming me and others. Yippy!

Conquering New Horizons

Kanak Chugh’s Image Consultancy is shaping up since 2014 and I now have greater control over my own time clock and schedule. Instead of leaving me drained, it refills me with life energy each time I get to make a difference in someone’s life.

I am blessed to support and train more than 10,000 people from renowned national and international brands and organizations across variety of domains like hospitality, education, retail, gems and jewelry, telecom, finance, electronics, manufacturing industries, Indian Police Services, banking and leading NGOs .

One of my prime achievements include addressing audience size of 3500 members of a renowned MLM company during their 2 day annual ceremony, as a guest speaker on Power of Personal Appearance and Self Management.
I am fortunate enough to be invited as key note speaker to address audience size of 250 to 400 by well-known corporate and leading universities from time to time.

My youngest individual happy client was 6 years old and the eldest one on retainer is 55 years old.

My #MoreThanAPayCheque moment

During one of my consulting session for an individual client, I could develop such a rapport that the client not only blocked my dates to address an upcoming conference for his organization, but also recommended my services to another brand. He also took pains to organize a meeting between me and the director of another company and participated himself to praise me and my offerings. I share a special bond with entire family and have also been a guest and guide to their family wedding ceremony. These kind of moments make you realize that there are things far more important than a pay cheque.

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