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Jasmine is the founder and director of ImagEmpower, which entails partnering with individuals & entities to empower their image in the online and offline space through holistic lifestyle science of Image Consulting. She is also the head of the Mumbai chapter of WoW (Women on the Web) – part of Google Business Group and as well as a certified ISO Auditor from Bureau Veritas Qualite International (BVQI).

During 14 years of my professional multinational experience in the Global Logistics Industry, I was fortunate to be exposed to overseas & all-India travel. When interacting with people, I used to observe and learn a lot about varied cultures, behavioural attributes as well as how impressions & perceptions played a vital role in our personal and professional space.

When I heard about the Image Consulting Business Course, I was very keen to take it up as subconsciously we follow many rules and many a times make our own, but understanding the science behind these rules is so important.

The Image Consulting Business Course opened up a world of insights and acted as a perfect icing on the cake to my Diploma in Personality Development, Public Speaking & Communication Skills, enhancing my ability to help people enchant others through Image Consulting. From the time I started & by the time the course ended, surely there was a stark transformation in myself – be it in the efficiency in clothing or effectiveness in communication.

The journey with Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI) has been extremely rewarding as well as exciting so far with this just being the tip of the iceberg. To me, every session I attended was a dose of exuberance and empowerment, which has led to me becoming what I am today. I have been meeting very interesting people along the way and learning from each of them. The exposure that one gets being an Image Consultant is immensely infinite; how deep you explore the depth is purely up to you. The shift from being a working professional to an entrepreneur has been a seamless one in my case and has given me wings to pursue your dreams.

I always thought I had the ability to influence people’s lives in one way or the other. Image Consulting Business Institute (ICBI) gave me a platform to explore this ability and today here I am, living a transcended life and helping people and entities from all walks of life live theirs. This aspect is also embedded in my brand – ImagEmpower, which believes and propagates the philosophy of – I M (I’m) AGE (at-all-ages) EMPOWER (empowered). Everyone is empowered, it is a matter of you realizing and acting upon it to create a lasting impression.

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