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Being 23 years old, I am a young Image Consultant, Stylist and a Fashion Enthusiast passionate about making a difference by helping people to consciously alter their image for success. I specialize in tailoring images for the best visual communication. I have diverse clients who come to me for their personal consultations for evaluating their lifestyle, personal style, clothing choices, wardrobe evaluation and overall appearance. I have already conducted several workshops with schools and corporate organizations on dressing, grooming, body language and etiquette. I have also conducted workshops with Ahmedabad Mirror (Times of India), ICBI, DNA and hospitality corporate for staff development to name a few.

After following my achievements at such young age, I was invited to Singapore to judge Miss Singapore Islandia 2014 pageant. I have been awarded the Lady of Excellence 2015 by South-East Asia Alliance. I was also awarded 20 Asians successful in their 20s by SEA and Gujarat Guarav by Rotaract. I was in Judges’ panel for Ms & Mrs Gujarati pageant 2015. Moreover, my styling work has been aired on FashionTv worldwide. I am the Creative Head of a lifestyle exhibition company called ‘The Shopping Diva Events’. Further I am also the editor to their magazine ‘TSD’.

I adore spreading awareness on Image management. In simple terms it is about making you and others think and feel good about your “image” by bringing the inner strengths out so that other’s reactions can be controlled by what you project about yourself. With a technical procedure, people can discover their personality traits and synchronize that with their visual communication.

Power of appearance is often underestimated, helping people realize its potential is what I do.

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