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Image Consulting Business Institute

“I am sure I want to take up Science and be an Engineer, because my cousin in USA minting money as a Software Engineer” “ I shall take up commerce and do an MBA, this is upcoming and demanding degree” ‘’What about you, Deepika?” Well! This was a horrified question for me. I wanted to do something that enhance people’s life, keep them motivated and very essentially keep them falling in love with themselves. I wanted to do something what my forefathers have been doing in the garment, service and the grooming industry. Something that supports all, my connect to the people and ancestral business.

So finally here I am, in the most correct place ever, THE IMAGE CONSULTANT. Now, my friends ask how did you learn about this? What else you can do? What else I do or doing as Image Consultant is a wide area. I helped an insurance guy to build trust with his client. I helped a manager to connect with his team. I assisted a lady to enhance her visual authority in her manufacturing unit. I enhanced the self-esteem of the construction engineer. I helped an orator present herself on the stage and very important I taught a student how to smile.

Life is now BEAUTIFUL, to me and to my clients…..

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