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Image Consulting Business Institute

Television is where you saw me in the younger years. The Whirlpool advertisement with the catchy “Mummy ka magic chalega kya” is where I started. Then D’Cold Parle-G, Colgate, Pepsodent, Cadbury Eclairs made me the face of their brand.

Seeing myself on television between the daily soaps and between overs of One Day Internationals had sown the seed of understanding Image.

After graduating in Mass Media, while interning with an NGO protecting gay rights, I realized the importance that a person’s image plays in the society. With the help of the NGO I helped not only create awareness for homosexuals but also build their confidence.

In order to help people create a positive confident Image and before pushing them to take the first step forward the Image itself had to be understood, and thus ICBI happened.

Being a personable individual, with ease of working with people, I help analyze people’s problem which in turn motivates me to decipher the code of conduct and help groom people to confidence.

Image Consulting Business Institute polished my skills and taught me to identify people in their comfort zone and groom them by helping them bring forth their individuality. I work on developing people internally and externally giving them a complete positive change that lasts them a lifetime. If I am able to do this now in my early twenties, I can’t begin to imagine what I’ll be able to do in my thirties and how many lives I will change by then.

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