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Having been born in a typical Indian family, I was expected to pursue a career in engineering or in the field of medicine. In keeping with my parents’ wishes, I pursued a career in a highly technical field of engineering, though mentally, I was not inclined.School to college. College to graduating as a Chemical Engineer, I had been there; done that. And yet, I missed that spark, that zing, of following my passion. All the ingredients, all the chemicals were always present and yet the catalyst was missing.A fantastic job with a renowned MNC gave me all the materialistic securities in life.

Right from a good bank balance to vehicles, from friends to fame, I had it all. However, I did not want to remain confined to the four walls of my cubicle, hammering away at the keyboard. There was a huge world out there to explore, replete with so many kinds of people. What absolutely fascinated me was the fact that if I were out there, on my own, I could add some value to someone’s life!I came across Image Consulting one day and this platform set my soul on fire and I decided to pursue a career in Image Consulting with all my gusto!

Enjoy what you do, and you will not have to work for a single day in your life.

The study of human behavior is one of the most delightful and fascinating subjects. Image Consulting encompasses several aspects like dressing, body language, personal and business etiquette, communication and grooming. Helping my clients achieve their goals though my guidance was, is and shall continue to remain my passion.

The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.

After completing the course it took me several months of single-minded dedication and focus, before I could make a mark in the field I was so passionate about. Once I overcame the initial hurdles and inertia, I concentrated on creating touchpoints for myself, which, in turn, would garner more clientele for me. It took time but today, I can say with pride that my client’s feedback is testimony to the fact that my services have been life altering for them in a positive manner.For a lady like me, having come from a highly technical academic field, to carve a niche for herself in a relatively unknown field is a matter of pride for me.When I see my clients make the conscious effort to implement what I have advised them about, it gives me immense happiness. To sum it up, their look is my ‘AahHaa’ moment. 

About the author: Bhumika Swarnkar is a Chemical Engineer transformed into an Image Coach. She trains people from every walk of life on Appearance Management, Personal Branding, Styling, Personal Shopping and Communication. Corporate training of employees for enhancing their Image and Soft Skills is her forte.

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