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From being shy and timid as a child to being a confident entrepreneur was truly a satisfying dream come true. Changing the lives of others is a skill that not many people can use to sustain a living. Living and existing are two very different things. Being a practicing Image Consultant for 10 years puts that life into my work. This profession makes you want to be a better person with each new client seeking your help. Only if you are a better person can you be a better consultant, as here we are dealing with people – the most difficult and non-standardized living beings. You are what you eat, but if you don’t eat at all, does it mean you’re nothing? No. It just means you lose weight. Your image is the same, if you don’t feed your own ego, you’re nothing. And that is what I enjoy doing – boosting the positive ego of others, leaving a mark. Making an impression, which in turn boosts my own Image. And you make an impression when you have created a brand of yourself and the best way to create this brand is with your Image!

I have been a dyslexic most of my early teens and had a lot of complexes about myself which was added to when people used to look at me with sympathy. Then one day I read somewhere that the “Miracle is within you” and this thought changed my life. After graduation, I interned at a few places and immediately realized that a 9 to 5 job was not my cup of tea and I decided to become an entrepreneur. Then I came across Image Consulting and realized that is what I want to do and can excel in it.
It has been 10 years now and the experience has been out of this world. I deal with 8-year-olds as well as CEOs globally. I do group training in companies and institutions. Many senior professionals who have about 25 years of experience than me still hire me to give them a new Image as they feel that I can give them an appearance that is updated and fresh. The earnings are sustainable and excellent; I am my own boss and work on my time. What more can I ask for.

Looking forward to many more decades of upliftment and fulfillment!

See Beniasha talk about her experience being an Image Consultant in this video
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