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Jack of all trades Master of One … I am an Image Consultant. Since childhood I am listening to this quote “jack of all trades master of none” as I was surrounded by all the professionals- engineers, charted accountants, lawyers etc. I have a versatile personality and wished to do many things at one time but didn’t know how. Till I came across an Image Consultant’s profile.
Image consulting is a professional field that aims to improve a client’s image personally or professionally through appearance, behavior, and communication.

The two most important days of your life are first when you were born … and the second, when you realize why were you born!!! For me the second most important day was when I decided to join ICBI’s Image Management programme. It changed my life completely.

Eight years’ experience as a Senior Flight Attendant with India’s most reputed international airline, international certification in makeup & diploma in design and style, three years of experience in running my own clothing brand. I had a versatile profile and yet no direction.

When I started conducting trainings for NGOs and Flying Academies, I realized that my real passion lies in training people but didn’t know how to start. I gathered myself and understood my own versatile personality and decided to proceed with my instinct to become an Image Management Professional. That was the moment when I added another feather to my cap. Since then there has been no looking back.

I recently joined the Grooming team of India’s best Airlines as – Assistant Manager Training & Grooming, my dream career. I couldn’t have asked for more. All thanks to ICBI! ICBI nominated me to the Airline for an interview along with other candidates – reason being their selection criteria was stringent: they were looking for a qualification as an Image Management for this role. I am always deeply grateful to ICBI for its unconditional love & support.

Why ICBI? The training structure and knowledge provided by ICBI can’t be matched with any other Image Management Institute in India. From thoughtfully designed curriculum to the most competent trainers, ICBI provides the best of the best.

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