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Whenever I’d go to parties or other social events, one of the first questions people would ask me is, “What do you do?” That was the toughest question I have ever answered few years ago. I would look at the person with a coy smile, skip eye contact and would very hesitatingly answer, “I’m a homemaker” and it would make me further uncomfortable to see the expression change on their face – a mix of pity and disdain.

A voice inside me would painfully remind me, that I’m ‘just’ a homemaker. Another voice would counter it, gently cox me, and remind me I was much more. It would say “Anu, are you sure you’re just a homemaker? You have done so much more than that. You have designed garments for friends, created art pieces for people and anchored school and college shows in the past. You are a post graduate. Ex professor. Why do you call yourself as a homemaker? Why not a fashion designer, an anchor, an artist? Why do you hesitate to introduce yourself as a professional?”

Despite these various hats that I wore, I felt I lacked identity and more. I felt I did not have independence – financial independence. I was answerable to my family in case I failed to do things that I was supposed to do or cook a meal.There was always a fire in my belly to do something; that ‘something’ I was yet to define. My children, family, and friends, would tell me, “You are very creative, why don’t you do something.” Again, ‘something’. What is that ‘something’?

I was still trying to figure out what was that ‘something’ when one day, I got a call from destiny. I say, it’s a call from destiny because it has changed my life 360 degrees. My destiny had led me to ICBI.ICBI helped me rediscover myself. It gave me the identity I was looking for. Now the question, “What do you?” seemed easy to answer. I still do all the creative work I did before and much more; what has changed now is, I introduce myself with pride, “I am an Image Consultant and Trainer.”Being an entrepreneur, I reap many benefits – I have my financial independence, I have flexibility of timing, which helps me balance my family and work at the same time. I am the sole decision maker. What more can I ask for?

I can’t stress enough to thank ICBI for what it has given to me and the transformation it has brought in me.I had always been very passionate about dressing, grooming, and training. Now, I had made my passion my profession.It is said, “Choose A Job You Love and you will never have to work a single day!”I still do not work, I just live my passion!  

About the author: Anu Malla is a simple multi-talented homemaker transformed into an Image Coach and a sought after savvy professional leading the young and uninitiated into the world of Image Consulting!She trains people from every walk of life on Image Concepts, Personality Branding, Styling and Communication. Her expertise is Public Speaking & Presentation Skills. She also conducts webinars for professionals on various soft skill aspects. Indo-western and Sari Styling for working women is her strength.

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