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It has been more than 2 years now but seems like yesterday…I was sipping tea with my husband on a sunny winter January morning when we came across an interesting article on Image Management and its career prospects in “The Times of India”. We immediately registered on the website and got ourselves scheduled for a presentation.

After having worked for 11 years as a Fashion Advisor, I had taken a career break to be with my children in their infant years. Now that they had grown up, I wanted to start working again but was looking at something beyond Fashion. Over these years I had always felt that something is missing, something was incomplete. I was looking for something wherein I would be able to make a difference in people’s lives. And, “Image Management” seemed just right.

It is still so very fresh in my mind, the wonderful and enriching experience of becoming an Image Consultant and how I evolved each day during this journey. I remember my first day at the class when I met the impeccably dressed Trainer and smart batch mates. I felt totally out of the place and started wondering whether I belonged here. I had a shy nature and struggled with my inner self to muster enough courage to continue through the sessions. Another instance I remember was when we were asked to prepare presentations on four topics and would be asked to deliver on any two.

The ground seemed to have slipped from under my feet…Me and Public Speaking. I repeatedly practiced for the presentations but kept on committing mistakes due to nervousness. I had to do something. There were only two options – quit and go back home or be bold and let the world know that I have arrived. I chose the second option and here I am finally in front of all of you.

The real journey started after my certification…exposure to the real world. A few initial hiccups and then there was no looking back…One on One Consultations, Training Sessions for ICBI, Corporate Workshops, Personal Shopper Assignments, and the list goes on… I have been appointed President, Delhi Chapter of IMPA (Image Management Professionals Association). I even got the honour and privilege to be associated as an Image Consultant with Ms. Kanika Bali, Miss India Deaf 2011 who went on to become Second Runner-Up Miss International Deaf 2012 and Miss Asia Deaf 2012.

All throughout, there is one thing which has kept me going, Mr. Rakesh Agarwal’s words. He always used to say that don’t get disturbed by the small things, these are a part of life. Just be passionate about your work and the rest will automatically fall in place.

I am happy that I made the right decision at the right time and chose to become a part of this wonderful and exciting Industry.

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